GSN’s Bingo America

Bingo in Every Households with GSN's Bingo America

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GSN’s Bingo America All Over The Place

It’s true. The online bingo craze has now translated into a TV show on GSN that gives its viewers a chance to win at least $50 on every verified Bingo. GSN’s TV reality game show – Bingo America is a classic trivia based game series, played in the traditional Bingo style. The game is played by printing out up to 10 sets of free bingo cards from GSN’s website, once you have done that, you can go ahead and grab some popcorn and your cards every weeknight and see if you are the lucky winner of the game. The host and caller would play the game with the contests on TV and you, can also participate from the comfort of your home! Talk about using technology wisely.

How Does GSN Bingo America Work?

At GSN’s Bingo America they offer viewers an exciting game with fantastic jackpots that go up to $100,000. On their game they combine exciting quiz show elements with the Bingo card setup, a unique and fun way to keep the audience interested. The series allows you to play free Bingo with the TV contestants from your home and win 50$ on each verified Bingo, you have the possibility to make some cash just for watching TV. There are as many as 60 chances to win per episode for every eligible player. Not only that, this game also gives back to the people since throughout the week, the viewers are encouraged to donate money that would go to the Shriner’s Children Hospital! GNS Bingo has fun, games, prizes and the chance to help those who need it most, all in one place. For free support, the GSN website also gives you an easy to use “Bingo America Help and Troubleshooting Guide”.

The first season of the show has proven to be very successful, and already they are counting more incredibly exciting seasons to come, the show is epitomizing what Bingo has now become in America…. a well loved and widely played game!