Online Bingo Game Styles

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With millions already enthralled, online bingo continues to make waves in the online gaming world, being of course one of the most played games in history. Since Bingo has gone international with all the different online choices to enjoy the game, even the traditional playing patterns have developed their own variations. In different countries, Bingo is played differently and all these types of Bingo have, in most cases found a way into being a part of people’s games everywhere and that’s exactly where online Bingo game styles come to the front of the line, opening a whole new world of entertainment to thousands of people from basically every corner of the planet. Let’s check out some interesting and entertaining styles of games players love:

The Beginning of Game Styles

Originally, Bingo consisted of only two basic game plays: the regular 75 Ball Bingo and a trending version of 90 Ball Bingo. As time went by, it started to evolve more and more, which brings us to the kind of Bingo we know today. This game is played in a wide variety of styles both offline and on many bingo websites. There are, however, those kinds of games that remain as favorites among all online Bingo game styles; these are the ones that people seem to play more often than others. Some of the most popular styles of the Bingo games we can find are:

Horizontal Bingo

This is a variation of the game where you have to play a single or double horizontal line across the Bingo card. Although it may sound easy to play bingo, the truth is that it requires luck and attention, especially if you are playing several cards at a time.

Vertical Bingo

This variation is pretty much the same as the Horizontal Bingo: a single or double vertical line from top to bottom across your Bingo card can win you the game. Just like the one above, you must pay special attention to your cards before someone else gets your jackpot.

Diagonal Bingo

All you have to do to win in this variation is Bingo a single line going from the bottom left corner of your card to the top right corner, or vice versa. Since there is a free space in between, this game is quick with fewer numbers to cross and hence understandably popular. This game goes really fast, so you probably need to be on your toes before someone beats you.

Blackout Bingo

The Blackout Bingo is also known as the ‘cover all’. It simply means that all squares on your card have to be marked or crossed in this variation. Since the free space doesn’t count, you have only 24 squares to mark off or daub. Since this is the longest game in all of the Bingo games variations, it is the most exciting and the biggest jackpots are reserved for it. For this one you may need to be patient, but trust it pays!

Pattern Bingo

Usually promoted by the online Bingo websites, the pattern Bingo game can use any pattern of choice. The pattern could be an alphabet, a design, a small word like “HI” etc. This type of Bingo requires a very good attention skill and is popular among those who like short skill based free online bingo choices.