Online Bingo Cash Rewards

Are online bingo cash rewards the only reason for people to play bingo games? After all, 96% of players have won at least once and benefited from online bingo cash prizes. Research shows that 15% of women (the larger component of online bingo players) come back for socializing and companionship, rather than for online bingo cash prizes. Enjoyment scores far above online bingo cash on the list. In fact, in the reasons cited for playing the game, the pleasure of joining a group for a game ranked first, while online bingo cash ranked fifth.

Online bingo for cash has its origins in the weekly lottery game played in Italy in 1530, from where it spread to France, the UK, the rest of Europe and the US. Bingo was played for the first time to raise money for a cause in Pennsylvania, at a church in Wilkes-Barre. The game's popularity in the UK has not ebbed since the 1930s when it became a regular affair at churches and recreation centers. With online bingo cash prizes touching as much as £ 200,000, it is not surprising that bingo has achieved the status of the top indoor game in the country.

It is rewards which has made bingo popular. The fast paced rounds played every few minutes, the self-daubing cards, the piling jackpot and familiar friends dropping by in the chat rooms are every reason to make the game a big hit.