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There are two popular variations of online bingo games in vogue. The 75 ball online Bingo game is quite popular among Canadians and Americans residing in the central and Southern parts of America. Another variant of online bingo, the 90 ball bingo is played in United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Of late, gamblers are flocking to Canada Bingo online to try out the Canadian version.

A 75 ball online Bingo is a little different from the traditional style 90 ball bingo game. This 75 ball game at sites across Canada Bingo online is played with a 5X5 card-frame with a network of squares, featuring 25 numbers. You will find a square in the centre of the card which is marked as 'free'. The rest of the 24 numbers are randomly picked from the numerical series of 1 through 75 in this Bingo version that dominates online Bingo Canada.

Most of these Canada Bingo cards feature certain patterns that may dramatically vary from a plain line to a more complicated pattern. Once the Bingo cards have been purchased by you, your main objective is to strike off the numbers as they are called out to achieve the desired pattern. The empty square is by default considered to be a marked square, if it is included in the design of the pattern on the card.

Unlike the traditional 90 ball bingo with three winning prizes, the 75 ball online Canada Bingo game includes only one reward. The first player to create the desired pattern on the card takes away the prize in this version found at online Bingo Canada. Online Canada Bingo has a huge bingo fan following, because of massive jackpot offers. Despite a single prize offering, Canada Bingo online has cornered jackpots. No wonder Internet guides and directories recommend online Bingo Canada as a money-minter. Let's play bingo now and have fun.