Mathematical Bingo

Make the Learning Hour Fun with Math Bingo Games

Believe it or not, Bingo can also become a very useful teaching tool. If your child is learning basic math operations and dreads the dull, long lessons, there is a sure shot, simple and fun way to teach him/her with Mathematical Bingo. Lots of people are already using Math Bingo as reliable and fun way of teaching math in a more relaxed and entertaining way and the more impressive thing is that it is already doing the rounds of many schools and homes! Math Bingo can be played just like regular online bingo games, all you have to do is prepare simple mathematical problems like 9-3=? And call them out one by one. Each time, the students solve the problem and mark the correct answers on their bingo cards. The first one to get all answers correct wins! Why Are Math Bingo Games Designed Differently? Math Bingo games are designed differently for elementary school students, upper elementary, middle school and high school students. The degree of difficulty and the complexity of the problems can be varied according to the grade it is meant for. Since the main goal of the game is making the students practice their mathematical skills and improve them, it is important to keep the math problems according to their grade and match the complexity of the problems to their grade: they can’t be too easy the students don’t get to practice, and they can’t be too hard the students can’t get the answers right or have trouble solving the problems. Types of Math Bingo Games Mathematical Bingo can be played as subtraction, fraction and division Bingo. In subtraction Bingo, the caller calls out problems involving only the subtraction operation, for example: 2+5=? It works the same with every other mathematical operation. Only in fraction Bingo the problems involve operations with fractions and in division Bingo the problems involve the division operation. For higher classes, a combination of all three math bingo games will generate complex problems involving all three operations and the students are made to exercise their brains a little more, the whole idea is to have practice their math skills in a way that will be fun, entertaining and rewarding. During Math Bingo it is required that the players solve each problem correctly so they know which number has been drawn. Only by solving the operations correctly they can match the correct drawn numbers and have an opportunity to win the game. Definitely a fun way to learn, no child would say ‘no’ to study hour now!