How to Play Bingo with a Deck of Cards

The Bingo House of Playing Cards!

Called your friends over casual weekend party? Great! Such get-togethers are always fun!

What if your friends want to play bingo but sadly you don't have a bingo set? Well, worry not! You surely must have got the Internet connection? If yes, then get online and log on to 123Bingoonline website and get started with your online bingo party right away. If you can't get online and still want to play bingo, play bingo with the playing cards. Yes, you heard it right- "Bingo with playing cards."

Just read the rules below and see how to go about it:

First Prepare the Bingo Cards

  • Take a 5X5 piece of paper and draw a network of five rows and five columns intersecting each other thus making 25 small squares.

  • Now fill up all the boxes by addressing to them the various ranks of the playing cards from the lowest rank two to the highest rank Ace. There is no need to mention the suits at this point in the game.

  • Unlike the standard game of bingo there is no empty space in the center of the bingo card in this game, so you need to fill up all the 25 squares with different card ranks.

  • Now, label the first four columns after the four different suits in the playing cards. Let it be in the order of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

  • Name the fifth column as the wild. This wild column covers up for all the four suits in the playing cards. This means that any rank in the wild column on your bingo card matches up to the rank of the face up card irrespective of of its suit.

How to Play

Shuffle the cards and flip the card on the top as face up. Your aim in the game is to match up the rank of this face up card to the ranks mentioned on your bingo cards. If the value and the rank of the face up card matches with the ones on your card, strike it off. Remember, you can strike off only one square on your bingo card for every card revealed!


The first one to cover up five squares in a row either diagonally, vertically or horizontally wins the game. In spite of being played with the playing cards, remember it's still the game of bingo. So, don't forget to shout BINGO as soon as you get a win.

Enjoyed playing bingo with the playing cards? We are sure you must have! Bingo is fun in any form! And when you get online, come back to us on 123Bingoonline. We'll be right there waiting for you and ever ready to serve you with the best of bingo delight online! 🙂