How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

Learn How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

Bingo is so popular around the world that there's a lot of different online bingo games. This is because each region in the world has adapted and modified bingo. The 75 Ball Bingo is most popular in North America -- especially in the United States and Canada.

How is the 75-Ball Bingo Played?

Bingo cards in 75-Ball-Bingo have 25 square spaces. They're arranged in five horizontal and five vertical rows. Each of the spaces have numbers 1 through 75. The square at the center of the 75-Ball Bingo is marked as a free space. At the very top of the 75-Ball Bingo Card the letters B-I-N-G-O are printed. Right underneath the letters are vertical rows. The row under "B" has numbers that range from 1 to 15, under "I" it ranges from 16 to 30, under "N" the range is 31 to 45, under "G" are numbers 46 to 60 and the last vertical row under "O" has the number range of 61 to 75.

The highest number used in the 75-Ball Bingo is 75. That's why it's called the 75-Ball Bingo!

How to Buy 75-Ball Bingo Cards

When you see a 75-Ball Bingo card that you want to buy, click on it and select it with your mouse. The word "CHOSEN" will be shown and the card will light up. Once you've selected your Bingo cards, buy them by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button. The word "BOUGHT" will be shown and the cards you bought will change color. Now you're ready to play the 75-Ball Bingo!

Online 75-Ball Bingo Call Board

75-Ball Bingo has a similar call board like the 90-Ball Bingo call board. The difference is that in 75-Ball Bingo, there are five rows that has 15 numbers each. So the total comes up to 75 possible numbers. Play bingo games and have close attention to the call board so that you know whether the numbers on your Bingo cards have been called or not. While you're playing the 75-Ball Bingo, the Bingo cards will also light up and indicate how many numbers you're away from BINGO!

Online 75-Ball Bingo Patterns

75-Ball Bingo has the most creative and best bingo patterns. With the 25 square Bingo cards, there's a ton of ways that you can get a Bingo pattern. The 'Explosion', 'A', 'Hangman' and 'Cornered' are only some of the bingo patterns out of endless patterns that are fun and exciting to play. Remember, once you get the right Bingo pattern, you win the 75-Ball Bingo game!

How to win Online 75-Ball Bingo

Once you get a 75-Ball Bingo pattern, you win! In the traditional 75-Ball Bingo game, the first player who gets a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line on their bingo card will win. But the online 75-Ball Bingo card also include fun patterns like the 'Blackout' or 'Coverall' which makes the 75-Ball Bingo so popular.

Where to Play Online 75-Ball Bingo

There are lots of top bingo sites that offer 75-Ball Bingo. You have to look for the best atmosphere that will suit you. The best online bingo halls have great friends and huge bonus prizes with daily jackpots. Check out these 75-Ball Bingo halls and start winning! The sites are really the virtual avenue to make huge money along with fun.