Housie Bingo

Housie Bingo: The Top-notch Bingo Style!

Housie or Housey is basically another name given to the 90-ball bingo. This name is popular in Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.

The game is simple, exciting, and full of entertainment!

Components of Housie Bingo

The components of housie bingo are much the same as the 90 ball bingo. Here, have a look at them.


A housie bingo ticket has three rows with nine columns each. Each row contains 5 random numbers between 1 and 75. Players can purchase multiple tickets and play them simultaneously to score multiple wins.

Winning Patterns

Housie bingo does not feature too many patterns like 75-ball bingo. Rather, it features only three patterns: one line, two lines, and full house. Due to the limited number of winning patterns, the game becomes extremely simple to play.

How to Score a Win

To score a win, you need to complete a winning pattern on your bingo ticket. You can daub multiple patterns on a single ticket and win the associated payouts. For example, if you daub the one line pattern on your bingo ticket, you can still daub other two patterns! A single ticket can fetch you multiple wins.


In housie bingo, a person known as the bingo caller, calls out loud the numbers printed on different balls one by one until all three patterns are played. Players in turn keep marking the called numbers on their tickets and shout bingo once a winning pattern is marked.

In online bingo the numbers are called up by a sophisticated computer software. Besides, the same software daubs the numbers on your tickets while you chat with other players and have fun!

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