Four Corners Bingo Game

Fill in the Four Corners on your Bingo Card

The game of Bingo has always surprised us with its HUGE collection of games and the incredible variety of patterns you can play to make your game more interesting. Starting its journey with the most standard coveralls and four corners bingo game to today’s fresh range of cruise ships and picnic tables, we can see that Bingo has a lot to offer. Playing Bingo can never be boring for sure! Along with the introduction of these new bingo games, some people thought it might affect the popularity of the game itself, mostly because of people being used to the existing range of traditional Bingo games like the four corners bingo game of all time. However it went completely the opposite way around and people have really embraced the new patterns, having more fun and having more chances to win, yet people also love the traditional bingo patterns.

What is Four Corners Bingo?

Four corners bingo game is one of the most traditional type of pattern played on this game. On this pattern, the player is required to play only the four corners of the card, as opposed to whole card bingo or other bigger patterns. Keep in mind that only B or O numbers are actually valid for this game. The bingo games in which you need to strike off five numbers in straight lines are obviously shorter as compared to this four corners bingo game. These straight lines can either be horizontals, verticals or the diagonal; want something quicker than this? The Four Corner Bingo Game is exactly what you need! It’s simply about filling in the four corners on your Bingo card. This means that you need to be the first one to strike off the numbers on the spaces B1, B5, O1 and O5.

How are the odds on this pattern?

As in any other bingo pattern, four corner bingo game, it’s quick to play so, payouts a pretty standard. It is fun and easy to play, and definitely a rollercoaster as you play along. Don’t think for a minute that just because you only need to get 4 numbers to play, the game will be boring or be gone too fast; getting those exact four numbers you need to win is just as exciting as playing any other pattern available in the game. So, what would you like to have, sir? Trendy cruise ships and picnic tables or simple coveralls or four corners Bingo? Yes! The free online Bingo platter is ready to serve you with its most vibrant range of Bingo games. At 123Bingo Online we want you to have as much fun as possible and although we do carry some intricate patterns in some of our games, we can never let go of the traditional ways people have played for ages. It’s all a matter of combining old and new trends and allow people room to enjoy.