Canada Bingo Online

It's Time to Play Canada Bingo Online

Despite humble beginnings, the game of bingo has grown far and wide. Of late it has been making inroads into the Internet and made its presence felt in Canada, spawning a phenomenon of sorts --Canada Bingo online. Originally, it was a community of saints across churches in America who got together to play bingo in a group. It was primarily to collect money for church services and other philanthropic activities. The Bingo rage has been around in the US for sometime now, but lately, neighboring Canada too seems to have caught the Bingo bug. For Canadians, Canada Bingo online is a growing passion. From chat rooms to programmed games and emailed newsletters, Canada Bingo online is catching on like fire. Chat rooms in particular have given a different dimension to Canada Bingo online. The chat feature helps Canadians carry on with Bingo fun in addition to the thrill of interacting with other players. This is one place in Canada bingo online where various bingo players come together to do much more than just striking off numbers on the 75 Ball Bingo played at Canada Bingo online. Chat rooms across sites which are part of the Canada Bingo online fever have drawn the attention of Bingo fans by organizing an array of chat games. In the number game all the players that are present in the chat rooms can pick up a couple of numbers from one through 75. Let's assume that you choose two numbers, 9 and 10. Now, if these two numbers are called out, you win. Another chat room game doing the rounds in Canada Bingo online is trivia. In this game the chat host can put forth any general knowledge-based question in the chat room and the first one to give the right answer will be granted generous rewards. Canada Bingo online has so much to offer, that it may not be surprising if people never go back to land based bingo halls in Canada.