Are you one of those who almost fall off their chairs, asleep in a boardroom meeting? Well join the club. There are millions of people in our club and we're still counting.

It is well established that not everyone is made for conference rooms and long and boring lectures about profit trends and so on. While sometimes these lectures are imperative for your professional well being, at other times they can be conveniently slept through.

Or better still... played through! How, you might ask. The answer is simple - Buzzword Bingo. Played like any other Bingo games, Buzzword Bingo is for your workplace and it's pretty simple to play. Whenever you find out that you have a boring meeting, seminar or conference coming up, gear yourself up for some free bingo fun. Grab a blank card and a pen and write down the buzzwords that your boss commonly uses. It could be anything, from annoying motivational rants to the ordinary business language. Just write up to your heart’s content and make your own Bingo card.

Now like other bingo games, just sit through the meeting and keep marking the buzzwords as they are spoken in a speech. You can conspire with your colleagues and get them involved and play like any other free bingo games or you can have your own private fun. If you are playing with your colleagues, decide a call sign for Bingo and be the first one to get all buzzwords!

Whether you play it in a group or play alone, the basic idea is to pass your time, seem like you're up to something phenomenal and have fun all the while! So just keep playing the online Bingo games and enjoy yourself as much as you can!