Bingo Variations

There are Many Bingo Variations

Bingo is a game played and enjoyed by a large number of people all over the world. It is a game of random selection of numbers . The balls are regulated manually or electronically. Each of these have a unique number which has to be matched with the numbers that are inscribed on the tickets or cards one buys. The person who completes the card with all or the maximum matches is the winner. There are many bingo variations. All these bingo variants are incorporated in online bingo sites to attract more and more players.

There are two popular bingo game variations. One is the 75-ball bingo and the other is the 90-ball bingo game. The 75-ball bingo game is played in the US and the 90 ball bingo is mostly played in the UK and parts of Australia, Asia, and Europe. It is important to know the difference between these two bingo variants. The basic difference between these two types of bingo games is in the quantum of numbers arranged on the cards and the manner in which they are placed.

In the 75- ball bingo the numbers displayed on the balls range from 1 to 75. The Bingo card is a 5X5 grid of five rows and five columns. Every column belongs to one letter of B, I, N, G, O. 75 Ball Bingo is more interesting in terms of Bingo patterns. There is a wide range of Bingo patterns to play with in the 75 Ball Bingo. The Bingo patterns range from festive occasion ones like Christmas patterns to more interesting ones like, diamond, cruise ships, smiling face and so on. The other variation is the 90- Ball Bingo which is widely played in the UK and Australia. In this bingo variation, you can play on a 3X9 Bingo card with 15 numbers picked up between 1 and 90. 90 Ball Bingo includes typical traditional Bingo patterns, like three rows, four corners and a full house. Playing on these typical Bingo patterns can be very monotonous at times. That is the reason why 75-ball bingo enjoys more popularity than 90-ball bingo.

There are some other bingo game variations other than 75 -ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. These are 80-ball bingo and 30- ball bingo. These bingo game variants are popular in Scandinavian countries. The 80-ball bingo version of Bingo offers various Bingo patterns like, coverall, Big X, four corners, center square along with the diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines. The 30 Ball Bingo variant is also called speed Bingo because it is the shortest version. In this game, the card has three rows and three columns with nine numbers displayed on it. The numbers in this game are called out from 1 and 30. This version of Bingo has not gained much popularity because it offers only coverall Bingo pattern.

The popularity of free bingo has led many bingo sites to add these versions of bingo game variations. Therefore, to play bingo games and enjoy any variation, you need not travel to the place where it is played. You can enjoy from your home just by opening an account with a good bingo site and start playing any of these bingo variations online.