Bingo Numbers

The Funny Side of Bingo Numbers!

Almost all of us are familiar with online bingo games, it's all about matching the numbers but that's not it. There are a lot more associated with bingo numbers. One of the funnest side of bingo numbers are its nicknames.

Though we all are familiar with the game bingo however, not many of us have explored this side of bingo. Calling bingo numbers make it all the more hilarious. Since each and every bingo number has a nick name to it thus, every time it is called it leaves a smile on the player's face.

When you play bingo games online, every site has their own online bingo numbers generator that calls the number, with an amusing twist.

What makes bingo numbers so exciting?

The one and only Bingo nicknames! We all would agree to the fact that the numbers alone can not rule their player's heart. We definitely needed some thing to spice up the entire game, this was done by the bingo nicknames. Every time bingo callers call a number they use special phrases. Some of such funny bingo nicknames are given as below:

  • 2 - One little duck/ Baby's done it/ Doctor Who/ Me and you/ Buckle my shoe

  • 4 - Knock at the door/ The one next door/ On the floor/ Bobby Moore/ Knock at the door

  • 3 - Cup of tea/ I'm free/ Debbie McGee/ You and me/ Goodness me/ Monkey on the tree

  • 10 - Cock and hen/ Uncle Ben

And the list goes on! So, how was that? Enjoyed yourself! Well, every time players go to a bingo room they hear these funny phrases this make them enjoy their game thoroughly. No matter with which bingo variation you are playing, bingo numbers always give their best shot to make their players laugh whole heartedly.

So, have fun by winning bingo numbers and enjoy your gala time!