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Bingo has come a long way. What started out as a simple game of Beano has evolved into a game that requires no introduction. The popularity of the game first gave birth to online Bingo and now to a reality-game show on TV. We don't know what Bingo has in store for us in future, but in the past there was one TV show on Bingo in the UK which had a huge following.

It's Reality Game Show

Bingo Night Live was an interactive Bingo reality-game show aired between June 2008 and November 2008. In the six months that it was aired, it gave the contestants and millions of viewers watching TV back home a fair chance of playing free bingo games. Within six months of broadcasting, a mammoth amount of £500,000 was won by 15000 winners. The show was a huge success and increased the popularity of Bingo to a great extent.

The show was aired five times a week from Tuesday to Saturday. In Bingo Night Live, Bingo was played under simple rules, and decent prizes were given for one line and two lines; a "Golden Jackpot" prize was awarded for a Full House with less than 32 calls, and a Full House.

Before each game started, the famous UK astrologer Russell Grant predicted players' possibility of winning the game, based on their astrological signs. Each game had a game caller, a statistician, and a phone-in segment presenter.

Found Place in Guinness Book of World Records

Game callers including British celebrities, Anthony Crank, Michael Underwood, and Mike Toolan ran the show. The statistician Nichola Dixon tracked every player's statistics and interrupted the show, to present them. The phone-in segment was handled by the top UK model Melinda Messenger in the beginning and later by actress Jenny Powell. The show took Bingo by storm and even found place in the Guinness Book of World Records when one player broke all records to win £60,500.

Decided Age to Play Bingo

Bingo Night Live was available for UK citizens over 18 years of age only. To play the free bingo game, one had to register with the website, get new cards for every new game and try their luck. No one was forced to watch the TV show! The numbers on the Bingo cards were marked automatically by the computer the winner's name was announced by the host on TV. That is why no one missed the TV show. Bingo Night Live would then contact the winner to award the cash prize. Those who wanted to watch the show while playing, even had the option to print cards from the site and daub them.

Bingo Night Live is missed by one and all. Both free online bingo and TV converged to deliver players a hit. Time never stops, it moves forward. If you stop, you lag behind. Stay with the times and trends. Online Bingo is here and to stay. The success of Bingo Night Live is just the beginning of the dawn of simple and rewarding interactive games. Another version of Bingo which is innovative and interactive at once, is surely round the corner. Till then, eyes down!