Bingo in Kangaroo Land

Start Playing Free Online Bingo Games in Australia

After its undeniable huge success in the US, Bingo games have started doing the rounds of parlors in m any other locations around the world, and now we are happy to inform you that 123Bingo Online is now available in Australia too! It is a known fact that Australians have played Bingo games since the early twentieth century, just like most people all over the world, but it was only after about a decade ago that online Bingo games gained popularity in the continent down under. We are extremely happy to be able to let our Australian friends into our fun and have more friends come and play with us is quite exciting for the entire team: chat rooms are not going to be the same ever again! Be prepared to welcome an entire group of new players join the fun and make more Bingo lover friends as you play your favorite game! Although, we cannot have the goods without some limitations: it is important to remember that the current gambling laws in Australia do not allow big cash prizes, so we will have to include that limitations into our friend’s games. Despite this, such is the magic of Bingo that people play bingo games just for the fun of it, so they will still have the chance to join our party. Australians have also devised ways to reward those who play bingo games in kind. Cuddly toys, useful merchandise, and show pieces make up for the cashless Bingo game, so there are still some winnings to be made. However, since the law is not the same in the entire continent, people play Bingo games for small cash prizes in certain pockets, but overall the possibility to play is wide open for everyone who enjoys playing Bingo games at 123Bingo Online! Though Australians play Bingo games largely the same way as in the US, a major difference lies in the cards. The cards in Australia have three rows and nine columns, in contrast to the five rows and columns in America. To play Bingo games, Australians purchase cards in the form of “books” while Americans use tickets, that fact alone is a great introduction to their culture and something interesting to discuss at dinner time. In Australia, the cards are color-coded to denote the prize amount to be won by those who play Bingo games, interesting twist huh? For those who are not planning to play Bingo games a lot, a single sheet with six sections of Bingo cards called “flyers” are available. In larger towns and cities like Sydney and Perth, online Bingo games have become a fairly big business where people play earnestly, hoping to win jackpots. In small towns and villages however, people play Bingo games as a social activity. We have really done our homework on how to keep our Australian friends happy!