Bingo in Chicago

Easy to Play Bingo in Chicago

Many consider Bingo as the most entertaining and rewarding pastime. Besides offering the simplest way to win money and other prizes, the game puts forward a great way to socialize.

Bingo is quite popular around the world. The game is called with different names and is sometimes played with different sets of rules, but even then the essence of Bingo never changes. In the UK, for example, the game is called Housie but in Chicago (US) the game is called Bingo. In the UK, it is played with 90 balls whereas in Chicago it is played with 75 balls.

In the UK, numbers are arranged in a 3X9 matrix on a ticket, but in Chicago, a 5X5 matrices card is used to do so.

During the game, in the UK, the caller draws 90 random balls one by one out of a cage and reads the number printed on it. However, in Chicago, 75 balls are drawn randomly and numbers are called out. The players in turn daub the called numbers on their "tickets” in the UK, but in Chicago they use cards.

Long ago, Bingo was known as Beano. In Beano, beans were used instead of daubers to mark numbers on a card. In the beginning, the game was not popular in all parts of Chicago. A businessman named Edwin Lowe introduced the bingo game in America. He organized various Bingo events in carnivals.

People welcomed and played the game with tremendous excitement and soon it gained popularity in Chicago. Witnessing the popularity of the game, Churches stepped forward and organized the game for charity.

Today, the game is not limited to land-based halls anymore. It is available on the Internet. You can find numerous websites in Chicago who offering Free Bingo with great payouts and bonuses. Most online Bingo variations follow standard rules, but offer matchless payouts and fun.