Bingo Daubers

Choose your Right Bingo Daubers

If you have been playing Bingo for long, you will appreciate how important it is to find good bingo daubers. A bingo dauber is an extremely essential instrument to play bingo games online. It is a special tool that is required to cover or mark on the Bingo cards, the digits being called out by the caller. Variety of bingo daubers are available in the market suiting to the different temperaments of the Bingo players.

Romeo Bingo Daubers

Mainly it attracts romantic female bingo players. These Bingo Daubers come with a complete set of speedo bathing suits, tattoos and ponytails. You can also try out the "Top Hat Romeo" version of these bingo daubers with a top hat and a tuxedo. Then there are themed bingo daubers to go with your changing mood according to the various seasons and occasions, such as Christmas, Halloween or Easter bingo daubers. With the advent of technology, the bingo daubers have also changed. At one point in time, bingo daubers used to be only manual. However these days, with the popularization of online Bingo the auto bingo daubers and online daubers have also come into being.

Experienced Bingo players choose bingo daubers after close scrutiny and careful examination before entering a bingo hall. For them, good bingo daubers are sturdy, attractive and should fit snugly in their hand. The online bingo daubers are much simpler! You can customize the look of your dauber the way you want. You can choose your own designs, colors and looks of the bingo daubers. If you are playing online Bingo, and you've been winning a lot of money, change the color of your dauber to green! Or if you want, you can change the color to red to show everyone, you're in love.

Types of Online Bingo Daubers

In online Bingo there are two different kinds of bingo daubers.

  • The automatic bingo daubers keep covering the numbers as they are called out.

  • The other kinds are the online manual bingo daubers that require you to press "daub" every time a number is called out.

A lot of players have also come to believe that Bingo is all about daubing skills. The great part though, is that what was once just a tool to play bingo has now become a style statement. In fact some bingo freaks like to collect the different types of Bingo daubers.