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A special request: Let's help keep our chat lively and on a positive note. We suggest a visit to the web site to review our bingo chat games etiquette rules. Our Chat Managers work hard to keep our chat rooms the best on the net and with your help we will stay on top!!! Thanks in advance for your cooperation and participation!

  • no offensive or abusive language or behavior

  • no complaining....... issue complaints to customer service via help desk

  • no exchanging account/personal information

  • no mentioning or discussing any other online bingo/gaming/forum site

  • no asking or hinting for a loan to any player in chat

  • no making negative remarks to make another player feel badly for winning

  • Remember to wtgo winners, your turn may be next!

It's an easy, lovely and courteous gesture to make

*we reserve the right to refuse chat service to anyone*

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