Bingo Chat Games List

Apart from the convenience of playing Bingo right from the comfort of your living rooms, the biggest attraction at any online Bingo hall is an assorted range of engaging chat games. Bingo games are considered to be the most interesting way of interacting with friends and relatives in the chat rooms. Online Bingo chat games add an extra spice to the ongoing chatting and the game of Bingo.

Playing online bingo games are also a best way to earn some "Free Bonus Bucks." The bonus bucks attached to each online Bingo chat game may vary from one online Bingo site to another. Plus all Bingo sites have a different criteria based on which the players can play the chat game. For instance, on the player has to at least make a deposit of worth $10 in order to play the chat games and cash out the rewards ranging from 2 bonus bucks (BBs) to 150 BBs. This article lists some of the most popular online bingo games playing in the chat rooms. There may be some variations in the game names or details, but most sites host bingo chat games that are broadly on these lines. As innovation is the key to keeping players engaged, there is constant experimentation. Chat games are conducted in the Bingo rooms by chat monitors (CM).


Alphabet Soup: Choose any one alphabet from the letters B-I-N-G-O. The moment a number is called out from under the alphabet selected by you, just be the first one to type in "ALPHABET SOUP" along with your number and grab your reward.

A Little Pick Me Up: Pick up any number from 1 through 75. If your number is called out within first ten calls, shout "A LITTLE PICK ME UP" and your number to the chat host.


Birthday Bingo: Give the chat host the day, month and year of your Birthday e.g. 02/12/1962. When three numbers are called out yell "BIRTHDAY" along with the three numbers representing your birthday. Remember, you can't give double numbers like 12/02/1962. When you are playing 75-ball Bingo, in case the year of birth is after 1975, the last two numbers should be reversed, e.g. 1928 instead of 1982.

Biscuits & Gravy: Pick up two numbers- one from the "B" row for your biscuit and another from the "G" row for your gravy. You win if you are one of the first two roomies to scream "LUNCH TIME" along with your two numbers when your numbers are out.

Blackjack: Pick up any two numbers that sum up to form the natural total of "21". The moment your two numbers are called out, holler "BLACKJACK" along with your two numbers to grab your BBs.

Blind Date: Sounds interesting isn't it? Yes it is, but you can find this chat game only around Valentine's Day. In this game the CM divides the room into two teams with 10 players on each side. Every member is asked to choose one number from 1 to 75. If a player in the other team also picks up the same number as yours then that player is considered your "Blind Date" and both players win BBs.

Basket Ball Bingo: Around the time of any major sporting event, certain free online bingo sites come up with some special chat games like the Basketball Bingo. In this the roomies in the chat rooms are divided into two teams and the last ball of the game determines the fate of both the teams. The team 'A' scores two points if the last number called out is from 1 to 37. But if the last number called out falls between 38 and 75, the team 'B' scores two points.

At the end of two hours, the team that scores the maximum points wins the match with the reward being shared among the players of the winning team. The losing team is also rewarded with small prizes. So, it doesn't let any player go empty-handed.


Corners: You win this chat game if you are the first roomie to yell "CORNERS" along with your four numbers that occupy all the four corners on your Bingo card.

Charmed: In this game you must give your CM three numbers which end with the same digit, for example, 23, 53 and 63 before the game starts. When all your three numbers are out, scream "CHARMED" along with your numbers.


Deal or No Deal: The player who has already won the Bingo game picks up any one of the roomies for the game. The chat host then asks the selected roomie a trivia question. At this juncture, the player has two options. The players can either decide to make NO DEAL and get away with the reward or they may make a DEAL and answer the trivia. If the player answers the trivia correctly both the Bingo player and the player who deals win BBs. The selected roomie gets nothing if he answers incorrectly. The Bingo winner will still win something.

Double Trouble: Pick up two numbers that connect across, up and down, or diagonally e.g. 01 and 17 or 14 and 30 and give it to the chat host. The moment these two numbers are called out, shout "DOUBLE TROUBLE" and your two numbers to get your BBs.


Eggs Up: All the roomies pick up the number that ends with a "Zero" and when your number is called out just type in "EGGS UP" along with your number to the CM.


First and Last Ball: Pick up a ball of any color available and give it to the CM before the game starts. When the first or the last ball is of your color, just shout out the color to the chat host.

Fast Lane: This game is quite similar to the chat game "Eggs up." On the Bingo card with the numbers from 1-75, there are total seven numbers that end with 0. These seven numbers are considered as the seven cars in the game and the bingo card as the race track. From these seven numbers i.e.10 to 70, pick up any number and give it to the CM before the game starts. When the game begins the player whose car (number picked up by the player) is the first one to cross the line (is called out) first wins. Don't forget to shout, "SPEED" along with your number to collect your BBs.


GIN: Pick up one number of your choice from each of the three rows- G, I or N. When all the three numbers are called out, type in "GIN" along with your three numbers.

Garden Pals: In the standard chat game of garden pals, the chat host rewards the roomie is either one up or one down from the winner in the game of Bingo.


Hang Bertha: The CM gives a fill in the blanks with one letter as a clue. Every roomie in the chat room takes one guess each. Each roomie is given 10 seconds to make the right guess. When the CM types "STOP" the guesses are closed. The roomie who guesses right is awarded. The word must be spelt correctly in order to win.


I Wanna Talk about ME: The CM asks certain questions about themselves, for example, "What is the color of my hair?", "How many kids do I have?" or "What kind of car do I drive?" and so on. Roomies can make as many guesses as they want. The roomie who answers correctly gets the BBs and subsequently asks another question as well. Once again the winner who answers this question correctly, collects the BBs and asks another question. This Q&A series continues.


Jack's Treasure Chest: This is a chat game linked to the main Jack- in- the-Box pattern Bingo game. Roomies select possible numbers that could be the last number called out before a win. If it matches, they are rewarded with prizes that have been listed against the numbers earlier.


Kiss or Kick: It is an interesting game which is played around Valentine's Day. In this game, all the participants are provided with secret names based on the theme of Valentine's Day. The participants are not aware of their secret name. These names are revealed only on the voting day ---that is on February 14. On this day all the roomies, including all the participants will get a chance to cast three votes each. They can vote for or vote out the contestants by kissing or kicking them. The contestant with the maximum kisses wins the game.


Letters: The CM will ask you to pick up any letter from B, I, N, G or O. You win when Bingo is called out on the letter selected by you.

Lucky 7: In this chat game, all the roomies predict that the seventh number in the game will be called out from any one of these five rows, B, I, N, G or O. The player, whose prediction turns out to be true, wins the chat game.

Lucky Pair: Pick up any two numbers from 1 through 75 and give it to the CM before the game starts. When these two numbers are called out, shout "LUCKY PAIR" and your two numbers to collect your BBs.


Monkey in the Middle: Choose any number from the 'N' row and when your number is called out type in "MONKEY" and your number to claim your BBs.

Mirrors: Choose two numbers that reflect each other. For example pick up numbers like, 34 and 43 or 32 and 23. When these numbers are out shout "MIRRORS" along with your number.


Nextout: Choose a number from 1 through 75 and when your number is called out first, type "NEXTOUT" along with your number to get bonus bucks.

Nabors: From the list of players in the chat room, the CM awards BBs to the players who are active in the games going down the list from top to bottom.


One-Two-Three GO: Select one number ending with 1, 2 or 3 and when your number is called out yell "1-2-3 GO" plus your number to the CM.

October Fest: Pick up any number from O row and give it to the CM. When your number is called out first immediately shout "OCTOBER FEST" and your number to collect the Bbs. Obviously, this game is played in October.


Player's Choice: In this chat game, the chat host gives the players a chance to choose the chat game that they would like to play. The Player's Choice option lasts for about an hour.

Pick 3: Give the CM in chat 3 numbers. Each game, watch for your 3 numbers to be called. The first 2 players to yell "PICK 3" in chat will win BBS.


Quack Quack: The roomies must pick up one double digit number. Say, 22. When the number chosen by you is called out, type in "QUACK QUACK" along with your number to get your BBs.


Rhyme Time: This is a very simple game for poetry lovers. CM reveals a word and the first roomie to type in a word that rhymes with that word wins BBs. For instance, if the chat host types in the word "ice" then you must immediately reply to it with a rhyming word like rice, spice or nice.

Rompers: If your name starts with the same letter as the name of the Bingo winner, you are rewarded with BBs. But if there is no player in the room whose name begins with the same letter as the winner, the reward is added to the "Loser Pot" which is shared among the losers at the end of the two hour session.


Slay the Vampires: This game is played on the occasion of Halloween. In this chat game, the CM divides the room into the two groups namely, the Slayers and the Vampires. Every player fights for its team by winning on maximum number of Bingo cards. The team with the highest winnings is awarded.

Sing-Along: The CM gives the first line of a song and the roomie who identifies the song and gives the title of the song correctly wins. Make sure the spelling of the title that you type is correct or at least readable.


Two Out of Three: Pick up any three numbers and when any two out of your three numbers are called out... just be the one among the first three players to yell "2 OUTTA 3" along with your two numbers. The reward is much bigger when all the three numbers are called out.

Three's a Crowd: Pick up any number from 1 through 9. When any three numbers ending with the number you picked up are called out, just shout "THREE'S A CROWD" to the CM along with your numbers.

Tic Tac Toe: In this chat game, the players pick up three numbers that occur in a row on the Bingo board. When all the three numbers are called out, yell "TTT" and the numbers to collect your BBs. Please note that the three numbers can run either across, down or diagonally.


U Pick Em: Pick up one odd and one even number from 0 to 9. Let's assume that you choose the numbers 2 and 9. You win if the first even number out is either 2, 12, 22 and the first odd number out is 9, 19, 29, 59 etc. Don't forget to shout "U PICK EM" along with your odd and even numbers to collect the BBs.


Vees: Pick up three numbers that form a "V" pattern on the Bingo board. For instance, you choose three numbers, 26- 45-56 that form a "V." When your three numbers are called out, shout "VEEES" and your numbers to collect your BBs.


Wake Up Call: Pick up a number from 1 through 75 and when your number is called out, shout "I'M AWAKE" with your number to get your BBs.

Witches & Warlocks: This chat game is somewhat similar to the game- "U Pick Em." Choose one odd number and one even number from the Bingo card. The first roomie to get both these numbers must type "WITCHES & WARLOCKS" along with the numbers.


X-Factor: The X-Factor is one of the most unique chat games played on a very large scale. This is the chat game that has been inspired by the famous reality T.V show hosted on Sky Plus in United States. It is a musical talent hunt show just like the popular T.V show "American Idol" in America. Inspired by this T.V show, many renowned online Bingo sites have developed their own X-Factor game that is played in the chat rooms. There are many variations of the online Bingo X-Factor chat game.

  • In the first variation of the X-Factor chat game, the chat hosts will put to test your knowledge of the lyrics of the popular music from today and yesterday. The player who wins the maximum number of times at the end of the session will be rewarded with some amazing rewards.

  • Another variation of this game is played with the four Bingo teams headed by the four different chat monitors. The player can pick up the team of their choice. The team which has the roomy who wins the maximum number of bingo games on the "X" Bingo pattern wins the chat game.


Yin & Yang: Choose any one Yin (odd) number from 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 and any one Yang (even) number from 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8. When any one of your two numbers is out, shout "YIN & YANG" along with your number to collect your BBs. The player who is the first to yell "YIN &YANG" along with both the even and odd numbers wins higher rewards.


Zombie: On the festival of Halloween, the online Bingo sites also offer an entertaining themed chat game called the "Zombie" which is surely a spooky way to celebrate Halloween. In this game the CM rewards you with BBs for "kicking the ass of a blood thirsty Zombie" by yelling 'BOO' which comes up at random during a chat. The first three yells are rewarded with BBs. Now if you wanna play Bingo with 123bingoonline just sign up free