Bingo Chat Acronyms

IMHO, Bingo Chat is Gr8!

If you caught the meaning of the lingo used in the article title, we take that you are well-versed with Internet chat room speak. And for those of you who did not, IMHO means "in my honest opinion," and Gr8 is the new-age way of saying Great!

A knowledge of this and other popular terms can come in real handy when you sit down to play free online bingo at 123Bingoonline or any other online Bingo site. As you will see, the language used is altogether different. It is more in tune with the new forms of communication -short forms, abbreviations, letter and numeral combinations —which have to be typed in, often through keyboards that are tiny and cannot be handled like say, a typewriter. So rather than writing or typing, people started punching in short texts. Having proved itself as a quick and efficient in getting across a message, this lingo first emerged through the short message service (SMS) on cellular phones before it entered chat rooms and later

Coming back to bingo online, these games are played in different Bingo rooms. Players get together, greet one another, and chat with each other both when the main game is on and between the games. Bingo games are played at an average interval of two minutes. Earlier, players had to concentrate on the numbers being called to daub them on their cards. However these days, the 'auto daub' feature does the needful. So what do players do while watching the Bingo balls being called? They chat. They play small little chat games that are some how linked to the main game and manage to earn some Bingo bonuses as well.

To do all this, they need to communicate with the chat host and fellow roomies and hence the need for a new Bingo games chat lingo. It also makes use of smilies and emoticons and some signs.

This apart, bingo chat games are fast-paced. While playing online bingo, players may wish each other good luck with a "GL". To respond with a thank you, it's common to use "TY" or "TYVM," an abbreviation for "thank you very much." The table below lists some other popular terms used in online Bingo chat rooms.

The Lingo What It Means
CG Chat game
GLA/ GLE Good luck all/ Good luck everyone
GL2U Good luck to you
WTG Way to go
TY Thank you
TYVM Thank you very much
YW You're welcome
YVW You're very welcome
LOL Laughing out loud
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
OMG Oh my God
BTW By the way
BRB Be right back
WB Welcome back
((name)) Hugs
1 tg, 2tg Balls To Go
? Please Explain
?4u Question for you
AFK Away From Keyword
Cu See You
e1 Everyone
g2g Got To Go
l8r Later
Soz/Sry Sorry
TMI Too Much Information
TTFN Ta Ta For Now

Some of the terms presented in the table above are used by chat hosts more often. (Chat hosts run chat rooms, in case you wonder who they are.) They write CG to announce a new chat game, write GLA or GLE to wish everybody good luck, or write WTG to congratulate the winner. Get yourself acquainted with these terms and surf the waves of excitement inside online Bingo chat rooms. Okay, ttfn and gl2u for your next Bingo game!