Bingo Cashier

Bingo Cashier: In Charge of the Money

While the caller and the spotter, two of the most important personnel of the Bingo games are busy with their respective jobs, ever wondered who would be taking care of the money part of Bingo? With the caller and the spotter not able to take up the handling of the money, it is the cashier, who collects cash from the players and sells the cards or tickets. The cashier keeps stock of all the money collected and disbursed. It is also the cashier’s responsibility to maintain the pots and give out the cash prizes to the winning players. In most cases, the bingo cashier is an employee of the organization hosting the Bingo game. There is also the possibility of the cashier being a volunteer of the local church or school. While you can see a cashier in the real bingo games, in online Bingo games, a sophisticated software keeps a tab on the amount of cash collected or disbursed. Just sign up free to play bingo games and earn your bingo bonuses.