Bingo Caller

Call the Bingo Numbers Electronically

In this game, the role of a bingo caller is perhaps one of the most important. The caller’s job is to keep the game interesting and fun for everybody. The primary responsibility of a Bingo caller is to randomly pick balls and call out the electronic bingo numbers so that the players can mark the corresponding number on their bingo cards. This person must comply with a lot of requirements regarding tone of voice, enthusiasm and of course an outgoing personality, they are in charge of making the game interesting and fun for everyone involved and cannot afford to be monotonous or simple when they speak. Most players also like to make sure that the caller’s voice is not by any mean boring or that he is overly acting. The Bingo caller must have a perfect mixed of many traits as you can see, all very important for the game.

What else does a Bingo Caller do?

The Bingo caller not only calls out the number, this person is also in charge of telling the players which bingo patterns are being played on each game. It is also the caller’s job to declare the winner to the rest of the players. However, the duty of the Bingo caller still doesn’t end here. It is essential for this person to be dynamic and have a great personality; people must be enchanted by his or her charm and mot feel annoyed or threaten by this person, but more comfortable and drawn to pay attention to them. This keeps the game interesting for everyone. In UK, there is actually an annual Bingo Caller National Competition to choose the best caller. The award is called “The National Bingo Caller of the Year”. The winner gets to go to Las Vegas as the UK Bingo ambassador and calls out the numbers in Vegas casinos! Now that’s what we call motivation right there!

Is the Bingo Caller’s voice that important?

Yes it is. A boring, monotonous or mumbling Bingo caller defeats the purpose of the game. The fast paced game depends much on the liveliness and enthusiasm of the caller. The person that does the Bingo Caller job must sound fun infuse into the bingo games by using funny or clever phrases to keep the players on their toes. A lot of Bingo players like to test the game before they actually play bingo for real. The Bingo Caller includes the possibility to give a hearing test, just to make sure that the Bingo Callers voice is perfectly audible and comprehensible. Also, some people are picky about their game and like to make sure they like the callers personality to begin with; after all they will have to listen to him the entire time, people might not enjoy the game if they are not comfortable with the person guiding the game.