Bingo as a Fundraising Event

Bingo For a Cause!

You might have great love for bingo for its lucrative offers and unmatched fun factor. But have you ever wondered that bingo can can be used as a fund-raiser support a cause? Bingo is simple and offers plenty of prizes and fun. Many of these prizes are paid in a lump sum amount or in the form of jackpots. The prizes alone attract thousands of online bingo players, which in turns make bingo pretty popular! The popularity of bingo is the sole reason that bingo online is considered the best option for a fund raising event. There are a lot of ways to raise fund by offering bingo. Listed below are a few of the common ways that are used in land-based as well as online bingo halls: Admission Tickets >> Admission tickets are a good way to collect money. Keep it nominal though; players may not be ready to pay a noticeably heavy entrance fee. Commission on the Prizes >> You can charge a small commission on the prizes won. For example, if someone wins a prize worth $1000, you can charge a 5% commission and pay the winner only $950. A 5% commission is pretty nominal and players won't complain much about it since it's all about raising funds for a cause. Refreshments >> In a land-based bingo hall, you can offer snacks and refreshments too. You can offer a buffet too if the you're expecting a large gathering of players. Fast food items such as burgers, pizza slices and soft drinks can contribute to a good enough menu that will attract many players. Merchandise >> If you are inviting a celebrity or famous people in your bingo fund raising event, you can collect funds out of endorsements too! People love to buy the stuff signed by their favorite celebrity! So, get started; all you need is a bingo hall, lots of bingo supplies, a bingo caller and you are in the business!