Baby Shower Bingo Games

Treat The Mom To be With a Baby Shower Bingo

There is perhaps nothing more special than celebrating the arrival of a new family member - a baby! While the talk about the baby almost always steals the show in any baby shower, there’s no reason why you shouldn't have some good old fashioned thrill of Bingo in the form of baby shower bingo. "Baby shower Bingo," you might ask? You see when you combine the auspicious occasion of baby shower with the time-honored game of Bingo, the byproduct is called baby shower bingo. Your favorite game has now become popular as baby shower bingo too! Baby shower Bingo can really prove refreshing as having a baby can be a very tiring ordeal for some women. So when planning that perfect baby shower for your best friend, make sure that you show her a really groovy time. Since Bingo is a very versatile game, you can create a lot of different variations of baby shower bingo at home yourself! How you can start? Baby shower Bingo can be played like other bingo games. Start first with the cards. Go with a blank card and create 25 columns. Instead of putting numbers in the grid, put things that are typically related to babies - milk, blanket, formula, diaper, baby socks etc. That done, all you have to do is pass around the cards and the game resumes as any online Bingo or free Bingo game. The first guest to get all the items and shout Bingo, wins the prize in baby shower Bingo! The baby shower Bingo can be played in another interesting manner. You can cut out blank bingo cards and indicate a free space in the middle of each one. Then right before the mother-to-be starts to open her presents, pass the cards around and ask the guests to fill whatever they think is in the packages. The game of baby shower Bingo progresses as she opens the packages, the guests can keep crossing off the items in their list! The first one to get all items right, wins! With the entertainment taken care of, all you have to do is arrange for the food and the drinks! This special method of playing baby shower Bingo can make the occasion very happening. So give baby shower Bingo a go and make the next baby shower occasion in your family a wonderful time to remember.