Australian Bingo Online

Aussies' Housie is Bingo On Cards

Online Bingo in Australia is referred to a "Housie". It is a variation of the American game of online Bingo. The Australian game of Bingo online, "Housie" is only slightly different from American style Bingo.

Australians purchase cards in the form of "books" while Americans use tickets. For those who are not planning to play Bingo games a lot, a single sheet with six sections of Bingo cards called "flyers" are available.

Unlike the 5X5 American Bingo ticket, the Bingo card in Australia contains 27 spaces that are arranged in a grid of nine columns and three rows. Every row includes five numbers and four blank spaces. Like the game of Bingo in UK, Australian Bingo is also played with 90 numbers which are further distributed among the three columns of the Bingo card.

The first column includes the numbers from 1 to 9, the second column consists of the numbers from 10 to 19 and so on up to the ninth column which contains numbers from 80 to 90.

In larger towns and cities like Sydney and Perth, online free Bingo games have become a fairly big business where people play earnestly, hoping to win jackpots. In small towns and villages however, people play Bingo games as a social activity.

Once the numbers are called out, the Bingo players match the numbers on their tickets. The number-calling is done at a more rapid pace so they really need to concentrate on the game and be quick in daubing. They cannot afford to miss out any number that may helpt to complete a wining combination. Join to play free bingo games and other bingo bucks.

There are several winning combinations in the Australian Bingo online game. However, the most common and traditional patterns are:

  1. Line - In this combination you need to cover all the five numbers in one row on your Bingo ticket for one reward. There are different prizes for the top line, middle line and bottom line as well. You can also win if you are the first one to strike off all the numbers in any two horizontal lines altogether.

  2. Full House - Full is the biggest prize winning combination in the game of Bingo in Australia. In this, you need to be the first one to cover all the 15 numbers on your ticket.

The game of Bingo in Australia is really catching much so that there are a number of free bingo raffles and Bingo events called Australian Bingo Nights.

There are also a number of Bingo merchandise. This is mainly because gambling laws in Australia do not allow big bingo cash prizes. Prizes include a number of Bingo goodies like Bingo soft toys, Bingo mugs, Bingo T-shirts and show pieces. However, in some regions small cash prizes are also given away as the law is not uniform.