Bingo Spotter

Authenticating the Bingo Games

Who would have thought that the simple Bingo games could require so much of running around? The truth, though, is that the Bingo employees do run around just to make sure that the authenticity of the game is maintained! This is primarily the job of the bingo spotter. Another extremely important personnel to play Bingo games, the spotter, also known as the runner has the responsibility of authenticating the Bingo.

Every time a player calls Bingo, the Bingo spotter, in coordination with the Bingo caller, verifies the authenticity of the completed pattern. The spotter may also collect the cards of the other Bingo players who completed the needed pattern. In consultation with the caller, the spotter checks the numbers and validates the winner. If the card is valid, the spotter hands it over to the caller so that the caller can declare the winner. However, if the card is invalid, the spotter indicates it to the caller and the game continues.

It sounds like a very interesting job, but can be very tiring. Imagine yourself in a crowded hall of a 1000 charged up Bingo players. Now imagine the number of false Bingo calls!. Whether, the game is free Bingo or Bingo with money, it is of the utmost importance that the winner is authentic and the Bingo spotters, world over are busy giving us a healthy game!