Bingo Slots: Playing and mastering the crazy combination casino game


We love Bingo as much as the next guy and gal. But sometimes we just want to mix things up with a slot machine adventure, even after going on a massive winning streak at an online Bingo site. Variety is the key to having fun, so every now and then we take a break from a Bingo room and head over to the slot machines.

So imagine our surprise when we came across a casino game that combined Bingo and slots. Needless to say, we were floored. We could take a break from Bingo without actually taking a break from Bingo.

Sometimes called Slingo or Bingo Slots, the combination game has become pretty popular over the last few years—and not just at online casino sites. A lot of jurisdictions in the United States ban land-based casino gambling but permit Bingo games to operate. In the mid 1990s, someone crafty came up with the idea to turn a Bingo game into a slot machine. Technically, since it was Bingo, the states that banned slots couldn’t really say anything.

But it wasn’t just in banned jurisdictions that the Bingo slots combination took off. People all over the world started to take notice of the incredibly fun game, and now you can find the Bingo slots combination all over the Internet.

If you’ve never played the game before, and if you’re only really used to playing online Bingo, you might need to adjust your playing style if you want to master the game.

As you know, the goal of Bingo is to fill up a card containing random numbers so you can claim a line that crosses all five columns and leads to a Bingo! With a Bingo-based slots game, you’ll see 25 numbers at once. You’ll also see a reel that spins at the bottom, and your goal is to match up symbols on your card and mark them off with each spin. But here’s the thing. With slot machine Bingo, the row you complete doesn’t have to be horizontal. It can also be vertical or diagonal, which makes for a more interesting game and an easier chance to fill up a card.

Unlike slot machines where the work is done for you, you actually need to pay attention. That’s because with Bingo slots, you physically need to check off the numbers you’ve matched up before you can spin again. But there are also all sorts of incentives to playing Bingo slots. Many come with bonus rounds and extra symbols to that lead to even more rewards, so the excitement factor is definitely high.

After playing Bingo slots, you might find that you prefer regular Bingo. Or you might discover that you’d rather not play anything else. Give it a try now and discover whether it’s the right game for you.