Bingo robbery in UK part of an emerging trend

innerbristol11092015It’s not every day that you hear about a casino being robbed at gunpoint. That’s primarily because casinos have heavy security. We’re talking eyes in the sky that cover every inch of the casino floor. Most robbers know they’ll be caught should they try and rob a casino, so they stay away.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule, like the motorcycle bandit who robbed The Bellagio in Vegas a few years ago. But for the most part it’s a rarity.

In the Bingo world, however, it seems to becoming a little more commonplace. On Wednesday, November 4th, two armed men stormed into a Bingo hall in Bristol, U and forced a staff member to open a safe. One of the men was carrying a knife, the other a handgun, allegedly.

The two were arrested just days later. While the ordeal was extremely frightening for anyone involved, police in Bristol acknowledge that this type of thing is rare:

“Armed robberies like this are rare in Bristol but when they do happen we always carry out a thorough investigation and move quickly to bring those responsible to justice. While we have arrested two men in connection with this incident, our enquiries are continuing and I’d ask anyone with information to please get in touch using the 24-hour enquiry line 101 quoting reference number 5215034037.”

While police in Bristol claim it’s rare, it actually seems to happen a lot. In late October, a couple of robbers ran into a Bingo hall near Boston, located the cash box, and ran off with cash. They managed to snag admission cards and about $1,400 in cash.

And it’s not just full-time Bingo halls we’re talking about. In San Jose, a couple of bad guys stole thousands of dollars from a high school Bingo fundraiser.

The good news in all this is that it’s not players who are being targeted. Instead of robbers going after players who might have won big, they’re going after the cash boxes in the administration offices where the cash seems to be.

That’s mostly because players who come to Bingo calls don’t come armed with thousands of dollars to play with. The real money is at the casino where the high rollers are. Still, we’d like to see more Bingo halls taking their security seriously, perhaps employing the type of eye in the sky technology you find in Vegas style casinos. Yes, this could be expensive, but with technology making home surveillance relatively inexpensive, a nice system for a Bingo hall should be mandatory.

Remember, you can do your part to avoid Bingo crime, or at least minimize being a victim of it. Always keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and don’t be afraid to tell a Bingo room manager if you’re concerned about something. Of course, if you really want to avoid finding yourself in a situation like any of the two we mentioned, there’s always online Bingo like the kind offered at