Day One of the WSOP Main Event Starts Smaller Than Last Year

Day One of the WSOP Main Event Starts Smaller Than Last Year – 123 Bingo OnlineThe World Series of Poker is, and has been for quite some time, a highlight for the world of gamblers and competitive card players. The World Series of Poker has been climbing from an unknown event, with only a handful of players in the late sixties and early seventies, to the worldwide phenomenon it is now, with over 6,600 players attending the Main Event in 2014. And that is why, with an almost four percent dip in the number of Day 1A players this year, players and gamblers around the world are worried about the future of the World Series of Poker.

Even the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the venue where the event is held each year, seems to have noticed this lack of interest in the World Series of Poker’s Main Event. In 2014, the Main Event took place alongside the Daily Deepstacks in the Rio’s finest event room, The Amazon Room. This year, however, the Main Event has been pushed aside to Brasilia, the room most would consider to be second best in event venues the Rio has to offer. This leaves many World Series of Poker players and fans wondering why they should even leave home when they can get just as much enthusiasm playing online bingo.

Although the dip in attendance seems negligible, and World Series of Poker officials are saying that the drop is minimal and could still be made up for in the other Main Event kick off days, having no celebrities on Day 1A show for the Main Event could be a big deal to players and fans alike. Where were they, off playing Bingo Mania?

However, not all is doom and gloom. Looking at the 2014 numbers from the World Series of Poker Main Event, you can see that on Day 1C alone there were almost 3,800 players added to the roster. This means that the 2015 Main Event certainly does have the chance to catch up to its numbers from previous years, despite a Day 1A with a meager starting roster of only 741 players at the table. In reality, this number is only 30 less players than arrived on Day 1A in 2014, and although it does not seem ideal, the Main Event has only just begun.

Even without celebrities making the table on Day 1A, there were still big names who showed up and let the world know that the World Series of Poker Main Event is still a must see happening. Dutch poker pro, Jorryt van Hoof, who finished in third place in the 2014 Main Event, arrived and went to work early and ended Day 1A with over 90,000 chips in front of his seat at the table. Who knows, maybe being the early bird and skipping the many blackjack tables and bingo games will pay off for this World Series of Poker contender.

Even with a less than record breaking Day 1A, the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event is sure to be a great time. Players have made their way to the Rio in Las Vegas from all over the world, and some of those folks will be walking away with huge wins and the promise of a new lifestyle. Many, many others, however, will be walking away with little more than a loss, and a question they will have to answer over time: Was the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event worth it?