Worried About Bingo Crime? Stay Home And Play Online Instead


File this under Good Reasons to Play Online Bingo: Five people in the UK were charged after a man and a woman were shot and wounded at a bingo hall.

The incident happened back on January 12th, but the five suspects were only recently caught. Police were originally called by a local hospital after the pair arrived on foot. They had been shot outside of Gala Bingo in the Harpurhey shopping district at around 7:15pm. The woman had an elbow injury and the male victim suffered a hand wound.

News this week that five suspects were caught is a relief to players who had frequented the Bingo hall. While no incident had been reported after the shooting, it still left people feeling a bit frightened.

Scott Calder, 22, of Moston, Dale Hall, 29, of Harpurhey, Paul Andrews, 25, of Moston, Ryan Hayes, 25, of Manchester and Jack Biernat, 27, of Chadderton, have all been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

It seems that every time we report on Bingo, it’s a robbery that makes the news. And the incident in the UK last January isn’t the only violent Bingo incident leaving people scared. On Sunday, June 22nd, two burglars cut the wires to an exterior security camera system at Eastown Hall Bingo in Dayton Ohio. Their target? An ATM machine.

With so much Bingo crime out there lately, we’ve put together some tips if you’d like to continue playing live:

  1. Try and play at Bingo halls that are well lit. If you’re going to leave at night, make sure the parking lot has the right type of lighting.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask security to walk you to your car if you’re playing alone. No security available? Don’t be afraid to ask other Bingo players to walk you to your car.
  3. Travel in packs. The more people in your group, the safer you’ll feel.

And of course, there’s always online bingo at places like 123BingoOnline.com, where you can play 24/7 and not worry about finding yourself in the middle of one of these Bingo crime stories.