Woman Wins £270,000 Playing Bingo


When you think about hitting the jackpot, you probably think about slots games, not necessarily Bingo games. After all, when it comes to big Bingo wins, while thousand-dollar wins happen frequently, six-figure scores aren’t exactly a daily occurrence in the live world.

But just the other day a woman in her 30s snowballed £2 into a very sweet £270,000 payday. For those on this side of the pond, that’s like turning $3.25 into about $480,000 US.

It happened in the UK at Carlton Bingo club, which is hooked up to the National Game. That’s the United Kingdom’s national bingo game, which links Bingo halls together across the country. The woman managed to land a full house using just 44 numbers. That’s the lowest in the UK, which netted her £20,000 in prize money.

We can imagine she was floored by her good fortune, but it was about to increase more than tenfold. By netting a lucky star as well, she was able to ad £250,000 to her big payday.

When you sit down to play at Bingo in a hall that’s part of the National Game, you don’t just compete against players in the same room. You complete against every single player playing at other linked up Bingo halls. And you play simultaneously for the same giant prize.

On the night of the big win, there were 180 people playing Bingo in the hall. But because of the connected Bingo concept, thousands of players were competing against one another.

The National Bingo game is unique to the UK, so if you’re looking for something as big in the United States, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as good – at least in terms of live Bingo. Online? It’s an entirely different story.

That’s because at places like 123BingoOnline.com, you can play against players from all over the world at the same time. Unlike the National Bingo Game, you don’t have to wait for a specific time to play. Whether it’s 11am or 11 at night, there’s a game waiting for you and loads of players to battle against.

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