Woman Uses Bingo to Support Local Charities


Played around the globe, bingo has made its mark as both an entertaining pastime and a worthwhile fundraising tool. Just ask English citizen Hazel Phillippo, who recently retired after a long career of hosting bingo events to raise money for some excellent causes. Over the last few years, Phillippo has held prize bingo sessions in her church hall, inviting all comers to test their luck in search of tasty prizes. She estimated that the events had raised nearly $300,000 for her village’s youth club, in addition to countless donations to other charities and services.

Phillippo stated that she has been running similar bingo games for a quarter of a century, and, along with her helpers, she raised thousands for good causes in surrounding areas. The most recent donations include those to local churches and community centers, as well as not-for-profit health organizations that make a positive impact in the area.

By stepping away from the bingo fundraiser game, Phillippo hopes to have more time to help in other ways. Other duties for which she takes responsibility include running a voluntary car service to take patients to the hospital, hosting a weekly luncheon for the elderly and caring for her older brother.

This case is just the latest in a long line that shows the potential of bingo for supporting worthwhile causes. While much of the attention surrounding the classic game focuses on negative aspects, there’s little question that warm stories such as these are becoming increasingly common around the globe.

In addition to the chance to win prizes, bingo games present players with an unmatched opportunity to socialize with like-minded people. Many players enjoy the social aspects of the game even more than the chance to win prizes. It is for this reason that bingo has become such a uniting option for people of all ages from a variety of backgrounds. Whether to raise money or simply pass the time, bingo tournaments continue to expand in popularity.

Bingo’s simple rules and nearly limitless supply of tweaks make it a great option in a wide variety of situations. For that reason, it’s common to find the classic game in settings ranging from retirement homes to elementary schools. With a luck-based formula for success, players have a chance to take their minds off of their busy schedules and focus on the game without the need for complicated strategies or stressful decisions.

Phillippo’s dedication to philanthropy led to over 25 years of dedication to the success of organizations that helped local residents, and her assistance will surely be missed going forwards. Despite this, expect other residents to follow her lead in helping the community thrive through a bit of social fun, tasty prizes and significant donations. Few games have the power to do more good for a community than bingo. As Phillippo brings her time at the microphone to a close, the door is opened for another chapter in the long and successful history of bingo as a uniting tool in the community.