Bingo Windsor Locks

Bingo Windsor Locks –123 Bingo OnlineMost people think of Bingo as an activity for the elderly. They imagine a vast room with folding tables and chairs. They picture this room populated by old men and women armed with good luck charms and Bingo markers to stamp their cards in bright colors. However, it isn’t always like this. Windsor Locks Youth Services Bureau recently hosted their family Bingo night tailored for all members of the family.

The Family Bingo Night was held on the evening of May 8. It was located at the popular Windsor Locks Senior Center. Entire families came out to enjoy an evening of Bingo with the local senior citizens. Kids were able to act as the number callers. Between the ages of 8 and 13, the children were able to make the evening fun, entertaining, and enjoyable. Plenty of laughter was heard throughout the night. The old and the young played the classic bingo game side by side.

A girl named Sureaya had the privilege to be a number caller that evening. She said, “I love Bingo nights. It has been so fun, I made sure I cleared my Friday nights.” Sureaya began attending the weekly Bingo nights in December. After discovering how enjoyable the gathering could be, Sureaya made it a point to attend every week. She is only one of the many children who turn out each week to make the Bingo night a success. It is run through the Youth Services Bureau.

The weekly event is operated mostly by the youth. The adult directors of Youth Services simply act as chaperons to help guide the event if needed. Sarah Maffiolini, a Youth Services Director, stated, “They set everything up, they clean it up. I am here just to make sure it runs smoothly.” Maffiolini is also pleased that the event gives area youth an opportunity to grow. “It’s so good to get them to know about event planning and community activities,” she said. She also spoke about how calling numbers out to a crowded room can help reduce shyness.

The bingo events started over a year ago during the month of February in 2014. It runs throughout the entire school year. The event of May 8 was the final one for the current school year. It is estimated 50 to 80 percent of the residents turned out for the final event.

Many of the prizes of the Bingo event are selected with children in mind. Toys and games were popular prizes. Players collected them after vigorously stamping their boards and shouting, “Bingo!” A number of the prizes were generously donated by a local resident. Other prizes came out of the Youth Services budget.

The Bingo players greatly enjoyed the evening. However, the children also had a wonderful experience through their hosting responsibilities. There were plenty of responsibilities for all of the kids.

Maffiolini reported that it is the Bingo event that is the most popular Family Fun Night. It is anticipated that the Bingo event will continue for many more school years to come.