Why Do You Love Bingo?


Why do you? Why do I? For this entry, I wanted to get the point of view of many people. Listen to the many stories people have to share about their bingo experiences. The funny thing is that Bingo is one of those games people play for years, they incorporate it in their lives like exercising or going to the movies. With the rise of online bingo, it has now even increased in popularity. It has become part of a growing culture of bingo fans.

I posted the question “Why do you love bingo?” in my Facebook page and these are a few of my favorite responses.

For example, my friend Muriel from Austin Texas shared that “online bingo is handy. With the school runs, shopping etc., when there’s a lot of coming and going and the day is over and the little blighters are all tucked up, without having to go out, I want to relax, chill (chillax.) I need to unwind and have a wee bit of indulgence, and not be doing something for someone else. Everyone needs some time to enjoy themselves, and stay in my pajamas to have my “me time.” So Bingo is perfect for that. Nothing too strenuous on the brain cells that have probably been taxed a lot already.”

My 35 year old friend Ron from New York told me “that one of the greatest things about playing on the web is there are no borders so you can play live against anybody from all over the world. Online bingo is a multi-player game with participants from around the globe.”

Danna from Vegas said that to her one of the most pleasing aspects of playing online is the socializing involved. Most sites have a chat room with live professional chat masters, (C M’s) there you can make lots of new friends, from different countries around the world, all brought together, through the simple game of bingo. Although, she did say “diplomatic relations can become somewhat strained, when you are waiting for just one number, and your new found friend shouts BINGO!”

“The main reason that I love to play bingo with my friends is that it is a great night out. There are few more enjoyable things that you can do than spend an evening playing bingo. It is a very social game so you will have a lot of opportunities to interact with your fellow players, which is one of the reasons that it is so much fun to play with your friends,” posted Michael from L.A.

My friend Michelle who works in an elder residency shared: “Even though I’m not a player myself, if you’ve ever sat in on a bingo game in Assisted Living, you would see the laughter in the eyes of the players. They are having a ball. For older people this is essential to good health. People who have something to look forward to, like bingo, are less likely to suffer from depression or fall ill.”

  • Bingo game online is attracting a large number of players all over the world because of its great social experiences and engaging mode of play. The capability to interact with new players is one of the most interesting features of online bingo game.