Why Are Bingo Slots So Popular?


As I have said many times, I’m a Bingo fan! Period! No discussion there. For me Bingo has never been a game for older people. On the contrary! So this fashionable new tendency to play bingo at parties, on casinos or online casinos, is a great addition to a passion that was already there. I’m actually not surprised that it is now so big. Actually, FINALLY YOU ALL CAUGHT UP!

However, there is one fact related to this boom that has chased me a bit: How come bingo related slots and games have also become so popular? I mean, I understand the Bingo (love) part of it, but the game as a whole? How did they become so popular? In my search, this is the information I found, which helped me understand this frenzy a lot better.

“Bingo has been around for centuries and recently, some developers have chosen to take online bingo to the next level and combine it with online slot gaming. Bingo already had a large following before it hit the internet, and since it’s effectively moving with the times by combining with other simple gambling games to create innovative versions, bingo is still going strong.

How were these two games combined?

“The principle element of Bingo, is to mark off called numbers on cards with different arrangements of random numbers. The aim is to get a card that has been fully marked off and claim ‘Bingo!’ to win money. On a slot machine that is bingo based, you’ll see twenty five cards displayed in a way that looks very similar to bingo. Each column has a reel, which will form the slot row at the bottom. Releasing the slot machine lever will spin the reels and throw random numbers or symbols at the player who will then have to mark them off on their displayed cards in an attempt to complete one of their cards and win the game.”

What is the difference between bingo based machines and normal slot machines?

“Bingo slot machines have reels which match the number of columns displayed. All the reels will spin and land on a random combination. The main difference between bingo based machines and regular machines is that on bingo based machines the row doesn’t have to be horizontal. It can also be vertical or diagonal”

How are they played?

“The gameplay really isn’t much different. Some bingo based slot machines will still use fruit patterns that you’re familiar with seeing on normal slot machines. The aim of the game is to still match the payout table by getting a row of matching characters. Sometimes, you’ll also be able to win by covering all the numbers/special characters displayed on one of the video cards you have in front of you. This depends on the individual version of the game you are playing”

I have to admit that as I read this information, I quickly understood. It makes sense, don’t you think?