Why are Bingo baskets a great gift?


Few things compare to the joy of receiving a gift that seems tailored for you. When someone puts a lot of thought into a beautifully wrapped bundle and sends it your way, those are the moments that really brighten your day and make everything better!

Gift baskets have become all the rage lately and it is easy to understand the basis of their appeal. A well designed gift basket is a synonym of a caring attitude and attention to detail. And as the receiver, you can bet you will have the time of your life exploring all the goodies that your friends have stored in there for your sole enjoyment.

Here at 123Bingo we know one thing for sure, all of us love Bingo, prizes, and presents. So, we have combined our two loves to bring you a great gift recommendation: Bingo baskets! What are they? Simply put, they are the reason why you are everyone’s new favorite friend!

The Bingo baskets from Allied Bingo Supplies are designed for various types of Bingo buffs and gift occasions. The Standard Bingo basket might be a great idea to give to the new or wannabe Bingo aficionados to get them prepared for and more interested in the game. This basket contains a fun tote bag, four daubers, a deck of Bingo cards, a pack of magnifying gems and even fun perks like key chains and cute toys.

For the already experienced Bingo player, something in the lines of the Supreme and Deluxe Bingo baskets might just strike their fancy. These elaborated baskets come packed with all the necessities than an avid Bingo player might require in his or her Bingo escapades: they bring a tote bag, six daubers, dauber glue, Bingo calling cards, chips and a coffee or travel mug depending on the package. The Supreme basket, which is the most garnished one, also includes extra perks like a fun Bingo shirt and a cushion that matches the tote bag for those long Bingo-thons.

The folks at Allied Bingo Supplies have also though about special occasions and offer personalized baskets for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays like the 4th of July. The Birthday Bingo basket is especially charming, decorated quite festively with birthday hats and special birthday daubers that can tickle pink any birthday friend!

Looking for something to give to your best bingo buddy on the holidays? Look no further than the Christmas Bingo Basket! With its adorable Christmas decorations, its personalized holiday daubers, and its many Bingo goodies, this cute bundle can be the perfect item to give for Secret Santa or simply to that dear friend you want to wish a merry and bingo-filled Christmas!
So, next time you are wondering what to give to your Bingo loving friends, think outside the box and surprise them with a gift basket! You might even want to buy two and keep one of these super innovative gifts to treat yourself!