Who Plays Bingo Games?

It is a known fact that the classic game of bingo has actually been played for a very long time, but who are exactly bingo players? Let’s take a deep look into the idea of the game and find out who plays bingo, where they play it and why is such a popular game in spite of being such an old game.

On a previous post we went through the extensive history of the bingo games and showed you the popular legends and stories that are involved in the invention of Bingo. Although many years have passed since the old days where the game was originally designed, bingo players are basically the same regular men and women.

There is a misconception where people think that the commonly have is that only old people, specially elderly women are the most common bingo players there are, this is not entirely true. Although it is common to see ladies bingo players, the truth is that this game is played by people of all ages and not only at bingo halls: the game is played online, at home by families during game nights and even at schools, where bingo I used to teach kids about things like animals and even the times table.

Some studies have shown that at least 100 000 people play bingo online, according to our own stats the age group that is the most common among our players is from 35 to 44 years of age, this means that in fact, common bingo players are not even elderly people but actually rather young.

Another thing to consider is that usually we learn to play Bingo since we are kids, this often happens during our school years and we continue to play bingo games off and on throughout our entire lives. Playing bingo is a soothing and entertaining activity that allows us to unwind, have fun, meet people and make some money off of it, so many positive things are involved with playing bingo games that it is actually not surprising to see youngsters and elderly people at bingo halls at regular basis, after all they are just looking to have fun and have a good time.

To conclude, who plays bingo games: anyone and everyone basically. If you know how to play and you live in this world you are bound to play bingo at any moment, and trust us, you will probably have a blast while at it.