A look behind the monitor: Who’s playing online bingo?

Grandma. In her ‘70s. Drinking tea. At a community center. On a Thursday night. That’s the typical bingo player stereotype—and it has been for the last 50 or so years.

But the Internet has changed things. Dramatically. And we’re talking about a lot more than the place Grannie chooses to park her bingo cards. We’re talking about who is actually playing online bingo.

Thanks to the Internet, senior citizens no longer have the stranglehold on the bingo market. With the click of a mouse, anyone 21-years-of-age and older can play online bingo. And win. All without leaving their house.

And a lot more young people are trying online bingo for the first time—and loving every second of it.

Maybe it’s the anonymity online bingo provides that’s attracting 20-somethings and 30-somethings to online bingo. There’s no stigma attached to trying something different if nobody knows you’re doing it. Or maybe it’s the fact that people are realizing there’s a lot of money to be made when you play bingo online.

Whatever the reason, here’s a look at four typical online bingo personas. Where do you fall?

Midnight Mac— He’s single, in his twenties. And after a great night at the bar, he fires up his laptop, sits down on his sofa, and plays some online bingo. He connects with his buddies on Facebook while playing free online bingo or bingo games for money. He’s not after a huge payday. It’s just a great way to wind down.

Sunday Sara—She’s a mom of three, in her late ‘30s. She works hard during the day and loves spending the weekend with her kids. But she’s made a deal with her husband. He plays poker with his buddies once a week, and she gets to take a few hours out of every Sunday to play online bingo while he watches the kids. So far, she’s made more money playing bingo online than he has in his poker home games.

Gadget Gary—This guy loves his games. And his toys. He’s got a killer home gaming setup, complete with a 60” LED TV, X-Box 360, La-Z-Boy recliner, and a laptop on the coffee table, hooked up to another 24” external display. He’s built the ultimate ‘Man Cave’ and it’s an unreal place to play online bingo.

Grandma—Yup, despite all the 21-50-year-olds who have found online bingo, Grandma still loves this game. Since she’s technologically savvy, she loves to play bingo online. But it hasn’t replaced her community center trips. She still heads out to those with friends. Only now, with online bingo, she has more opportunity to win.

Those are four typical profiles of people who play online bingo. Are you one of them? Or are you a completely different breed of online bingo player. Comment below and let us know when you started playing, what your home setup is like, and what you like best about playing bingo online.