What Your Zodiac Sign Says About the Way You Play Bingo

Most games are a game of chance. Better players will tell you that skill plays a large part in it, but at its core, the games still come down to some level of luck. Bingo is perfect example of this. There are a number of strategies out on the market today that claim to give bingo players an advantage, but in reality, luck still plays a big part of it. When it comes to luck, many gamblers believe that there is a higher power at work.

Often times, gamblers will look to the astrology as an explanation for their luck, or lack thereof. How else can they explain how some gamblers seem to win more often than others? We have all seen them, the people with the lucky zodiac signs. They sit down at a slot machine, put a dollar in a hit the jackpot, meanwhile you have been pumping your machine a steady diet of coins for the past two hours with barely a hit. Unfortunately, for many, you are just out of luck in this department. Let’s examine what your zodiac sign says about your luck, when it comes to playing bingo.


Capricorns are naturally ambitious but in a very binary way. Most likely, you do not like to play many cards, but rather want the most simple, uncomplicated approach. You pick a few cards, and go for it.


Gamblers that are Aquarius tend to see order where others don’t. On the exterior, they seem orderly, but in reality, they are quite off the beaten path. They like to blaze their own path, but they are typically successful. They typically seem like one of the lucky zodiac signs.


Ever the romantic, Pisces often like to sit out of the way of attention and play their cards, dreaming for the big score. They want the excitement and action, but seek none of the attention and glitz that comes with it.


If you buy into the idea that you can learn a lot from astrology for gambling, then you would know that the Aries is an aggressive gambler. They line up their cards, and have devised, in their mind, a fool proof way to win, and want nothing more than yell “Bingo!” with great delight when the time comes.


The Taurus likes to be in a situation where they feel they can control the outcome. That is really hard to come by in bingo. At best, you can influence it. Unfortunately the Taurus is stubborn, and can only come to the conclusion that they will not have control on their own. They will typically continue to play into a bad luck string far too long.


Gemini’s enjoy lively and communal games of bingo. If the atmosphere is fun and inviting, they will feel at home in that environment. Games where the players have their faces buried in their cards are not the situation a Gemini should seek.


Prone to mood swings, people on this Zodiac sign might be quite entertaining while at the Bingo Hall as you never know what their reaction might if they win or lose. One thing you can know for sure is that it will be very emotional.


As the sign itself says, they think they are the Kings of the Jungle and translate that personality trait into their gambling and gaming styles. Not very good losers to be honest: they might have the tendency to take losing a game personally.


Virgos are perfectionists, therefore they take their games pretty seriously and will play for fun of course, but their main goal is to win and they will come up with strategies and weird tricks in order to own any game they play.


These are the most fun people to play bingo with, they are in the game for the fun, the entertainment and if they win that just makes it even better. Even if they don’t make any money they find it amazing that they got to have fun.


They are there, they play the games and they don’t really care about anything or anyone else. Their gaming style is quite secretive and when they win you will be shocked and they usually don’t give away any hints about the progress of their game.


Almost child like, Sagittarius will play games just like children do, they are very innocent and get distracted easily having fun or just having an on the side chat with another player.

These are just a handful of details about your zodiac sign and what they say about you when it comes to the way you play games such as bingo. Think about your own playing style, and remember to find situations that you are naturally comfortable in. Environment goes a long way in determining your gambling success.