What is Weird Bingo?


We heard about Weird Bingo and we came up with a new idea for future posts, so check this out, because we will be needing your input.

We received this message from one of our members and we thought that you guys would love to hear about Weird Bingo and this genius place that joins a community in Illinois.

“Hi, my name is Myriam and I thought you guys would love to hear about an organized team of people that are playing a lot of bingo while donating all the money to a school. It all started when I visited my aunt in Illinois and she took me to St. Anastasia Bingo in Waukegan. She told me I would love the place and indeed I fell in love with the team of people who organize this original bingo hall. Not only are the prizes quite great, but the friendly and fun environment are quite a treasure. People really join on Wednesday nights to have fun and the weirder you act, the more applause you get.Take some time to check out their website.”

As Myriam suggested, we did visit Weird Bingo and found a friendly and what seems like a very fun place to play bingo. As their site states, “Providing a fun place for people to get together every week and have fun and win some cash is reason enough, you’d figure, right? Sure. We enjoy watching you have fun. We, of course, just love, Love, LOVE sharing lots of time with you. (We’ve told you this before.) The real reason we do this is the kids. All the proceeds from St. Anastasia Bingo go to St. Anastasia School.”

The name of this bingo hall was invented from the wish to create a catchy name that would attract people to join the Wednesday night bingo sessions. Its organizers figured that they might as well come up with a fun name than keep the long and a bit serious name St Anastasia. However, according to Myriam and the people giving feedback on the site, it seems as if bingo nights at Weird Bingo tend to get creatively fun.

Hearing about this one bingo hall, made me think that we could start posting about special bingo halls around the country. Besides being our passion, bingo can also become a game that can help many people. Keeping this in mind, I’m asking you to send us stories about special bingo halls you have visited. They can also be stories about crazy bingo halls where people are creative in the way they organize their events. We would very much like to hear from all the different corners of our country where bingo is making a difference in peoples’ lives and also joining people to have great and original fun time.

We’ll be waiting for your stories!