What’s the auto-daub feature all about in online bingo?

Half the fun of playing bingo in a land-based bingo establishment is using the dauber. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of daubing (or stamping) your bingo card as your numbers come up and watching your white bingo card get drenched in dauber ink.

As the white online bingo cards fills with color, you can smell all that green.

So wouldn’t it make sense to play as many online bingo cards as you can and maximize your bingo card daubing opportunities?

Unfortunately, human beings can only stamp bingo cards so fast. You’re not an octopus. You don’t have multiple arms. Yet.

Playing multiple bingo cards (like 30 of them, for example) is nearly impossible in live bingo. But that’s not the case with online bingo. And you’ve got the auto-daub feature to thank.

One of the primary reasons people love to play online bingo is because of the incredible speed of the game. While land-based bingo is more laid back, online bingo ups the ante with faster action and more thrills.

The online bingo auto-daub feature takes those thrills to the next level. Here’s how it works.

If you’re familiar with the auto-spin or auto-play feature in online slots, auto-daubing works the same way. Instead of watching the numbers get drawn and searching your cards for a match, the online bingo software takes care of daubing your cards for you.

Wondering how to play online bingo with the auto-daub feature on while you’re playing multiple cards? If you’re playing at a site that has “best card sorting” functionality built in, you don’t have to worry about anything.

As the software auto-daubs your online bingo cards, it sorts your cards so that the online bingo card that’s the most full shows up in first position. That makes it easier for you to see when you’re incredibly close to hitting bingo so that you can press the Bingo! button and alert the moderator that you’ve filled your online bingo card.

The online bingo auto-daub feature isn’t for everyone. Some online bingo players prefer the old-fashioned bingo daubing method of searching for numbers and manually daubing them. But if you’re all about faster action, take advantage of the auto-dab feature—especially if everyone else is.

  • Elisa Coleman

    I get it now. Could never figure out how it worked.