What is Innuendo Bingo?


Since we are interested in everything related to bingo, even if it’s just its name, we heard about a Radio Show called Innuendo Bingo and decided to look it up.

For starters, let’s begin by defining what an innuendo is: “When something is said that could be taken in a sexual or inappropriate way (innuendo), one shouts “innuendo bingo” to point it out to all the slow people.” So if we mix this definition with bingo, doesn’t it wake up your curiosity? It definitely sparked up ours and we decided to investigate.

We found out that Innuendo Bingo was invented by Scott Mills’ Radio 1. The game of ‘Innuendo Bingo’ is a game in which Chris Stark sits with a fellow player, they both have their mouths full of water, Scott Mills plays them clips of people saying things which could have rather rude meanings. And the players try not to burst out laughing (and thus spit out the water). During the program, “Scott Mills Points” may be awarded by Mills to those who contact the show (by telephone, SMS or Twitter) with an amusing, helpful or positive response.

There are also many side gags made by Scott and Chris, including shouting “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when an out of target or old fashioned reference is made (a take on an old Mark and Lard catchphrase), and saying “Hello (name), its nice to see you sober” as a greeting, quoting an old Family Fortunes episode where the host greets a contestant in that way. Scott will also say “Love you bye!” to all callers to the show, often prompting an awkward response, or the caller declaring their love back. Other former catchphrases include “Alright treacle”, “Oy oy saveloy!” and “Its only bley Friday!”.

The show has become huge in the UK, but is has also crossed oceans and countries, because celebrities from all over the world have been guest stars of Mills. I mean, let’s face it, it sounds disgusting, but if you start watching the videos, you will understand how funny this is and why it has become such a popular game.

So do you want to laugh and see what the fuzz is about? Let me introduce to you some funny videos I found with major celebrities.

This is what I call being creative at expanding the meaning of a game. Could you become the next Scott Mills and invent a fun variation of bingo? Let us know, because you never know when you might have your own radio or TV show!