What Happens When Bingo Hits the TV?


It’s not news that bingo has been on TV for a while and that bingo shows around the world, have indeed become people’s choice for entertainment amongst other things. We are lucky that our favorite game has become so popular that nowadays we can even stay home to play it like if we were at the bingo hall.

But this post is about unexpected results or funny stories that have developed from bingo being on TV. I always find it interesting when stories grow due to media exposition and many domino effects take place. In this case, bingo is not the exception.

Super Bowl Bingo

Due to exposure on a talk show, a bingo game created by a family for this past Super Bowl, became a great economic success for the family. The Live with Kelly & Michael television talk show highlighted the game during the show’s segment on Football Frenzy and the Olathe family got national attention. The show staff found the game when looking for different ideas and recipes to help people celebrate the Super Bowl.

This story started with Aaron and Sarah Holmes creating the game to help keep their non-sports fans interested in the Super Bowl. Since they were creating it for friends, they put attention to the little details of the game. For instance, the game is a little different from your typical bingo game in which each box has two options. Players select one option before the game and the predictions set the bingo card. For example, a player would select which team calls the first timeout or which sideline reporter would be shown first — Pam Oliver or Erin Andrews? The game is selling for $5 on Etsy, which allows people to download it and make copies for their parties.

Optimist Bingo

A charitable TV show was created in London, to raise funds for the local youth in the capital’s surrounding areas. Viewers will get a chance to play it at the studio, but also from their homes. The idea is to take bingo to the next level, where it is serving two purposes: entertaining audiences and raising funds and awareness to help the local community.

The show; however, has become popular in many cities around the world. Have you heard of one in your local community? Let us know about it!

Telly Talk Bingo

This is a British bingo site where members are invited to join a community that sit down to play bingo while talking about TV. This is a site that is aware of the influence of TV in our lives and created a place where not only its name, but the objective of the site is to mix two favorites of many people: Bingo and Television.

Do you know of other examples where TV has modified bingo or bingo has modified TV? Maybe we could include your stories in our next post… We’ll be waiting for your stories!