What Does Your Bingo Avatar Say About You?

One of the best parts about playing online bingo is the ability to customize your play. Depending on which site you frequent, you may be able to add silly little comments, change the color scheme around and my personal favorite, the bingo avatars.

If you are new to online bingo, you may not know what an avatar is, so let me quickly get you up to speed. An avatar is simply a picture or generic picture that will be placed next to your screen name when you play online. Sometimes you may not be able to pick one of your own pictures and the site will have a set number of stock photos to choose from. This is usually no fun. The good times come when you can choose your own photos or funny picture you get off the web.

You will see some funny bingo avatars floating around the virtual bingo parlors these days. The avatar is one of the only forms of expression one has when playing online bingo. They choose it carefully as it will be a first impression on any one they come across.

You can also tell a lot about a person from this simple little picture that may only be the size of a stamp or even smaller. Below is a list of most types of avatars you will come across and what they will tell about the person behind them.

The Loved One

The picture of a child or other close family member is one of the most used avatars online. This bingo avatar will usually mean that the person is not a reckless or risk taking gambler and is generally there to have a good time. In short, this is a casual or recreational player who is very straightforward and will be a pleasant person to chat with.

The Funny Avatar

This is a very broad range of pictures, but if we were to break this down into ub0categories, you would be reading this article for a few days. For simplicities sake, and my own sanity, we are grouping them all together.

This bingo avatar will range from an Urkle picture to “I can has cheezburgers” cat. Whatever the latest trend may be, you will see it in an avatar.

The person behind the avatar will either very funny or just a complete idiot, for lack of a better term, so tread lightly.

The Sport Avatar

This one speaks for itself pretty much. This bingo avatar will almost always be a guy representing his favorite sports team. If you have the same interest as they do, you may be able to strike up an easy conversation. Indubitably though, you will always find the person who likes the avatars opposing team. For example, you will often run into the clash of Barcelona versus Real Madrid. The two avatars will go back and forth just as a real football match would, in a never ending senseless debate (if you can call it that) over which team is better. For the record, neither is all that great and the only real team is Manchester United.

You will find countless bingo avatars on your online ventures. This is just a few of the more popular ones that you will come across. It really is amazing just how much information you can gather from simple little picture though.

Share with us your avatars and what makes them special to you. Or you’ve come across one that caught your eye and thought it was funny, let us know.