What do online bingo winners do with their money?

What would you do if you found yourself sitting on thousands, or even tens of thousands after hitting it big playing online bingo? Bank it all? Buy a vacation property? Share it with family or friends? Open your own restaurant?

Before we get into what most people actually do after they win bingo money, let’s look at what not to do with your online bingo winnings.

Just last week, it was reported that the world’s biggest bingo winner is facing bankruptcy just four years after winning £1.2 million playing bingo. That’s about $1.9 million US. So if you ever hit it big playing online bingo, read the story before you spend your winnings foolishly.

Now, let’s move on and find out what more intelligent bingo players do with their new wealth. We surveyed our most recent online bingo winners to see how they spent their new found fortunes. We categorized our winners into two groups to give you an idea how everyone spends their money, regardless of how much they win.

Online bingo players who won between $100 and $10,000
• 28% said they took a vacation
• 31% said they put it towards a car
• 21% said they put half in the bank and left half on their online bingo site to keep playing
• 20% said they gave some to charity

And online bingo players who won more than $10,000
• 56% said they paid off their house (we’re guessing these online bingo wins were 6-figure paydays)
• 21% said they bought a boat
• 19% said they paid off their Christmas bills (how much did these people spend during the holidays?)
• 2.75% changed everything in their house, replacing old TVs, furniture, gadgets, and décor with all the latest
• 0.25% bought His & Hers Harley Davidsons (we actually had two online bingo winners do this)

We surveyed a lot of online bingo players, but a good chunk of people didn’t want to answer. We’re guessing either they’re too busy sailing the world on their new boat, or they’ve followed in the footsteps of that near-bankrupt bingo winner. We’re hoping it’s the former, not the latter.