What are Bingo Dead Squares?


You might be thinking that there is nothing much to know about Bingo Cards? It is just some numbers on a paper and blank squares between them; however, not everything is that simple and there are reasons for the design each bingo card holds.

If you are about to dive into the amazing world of bingo, then there are some facts you should know before you proceed to actually start playing this wonderful and traditional game.

Be aware that Bingo is not only a game for the elderly, as we have mentioned in previous articles. This game includes patience, strategy and luck, and once you get a hold of the magic that is playing Bingo, then you can really start having fun.

Understanding Bingo Card

On every bingo card there are 24 numbers and one free spot in the middle; so, that sums up to 25 squares in total. Out of these 24 numbers, 16 occupy strategic squares and the rest are the Dead Squares; we will talk specifically about them in a moment. It is a fact that the greatest percentage of winning combinations in Bingo involves only the strategic squares. Hence, a question comes up, what do we need these dead squares for?

The use of the Dead Squares

Dead squares are of higher importance when you are playing Bingo the “hard” way; this is the only situation when dead squares are involved in a bingo winning combination. Now let us clarify what playing bingo the hard way really means. There are two options; either there are 5 straight vertical numbers on the card or five straight horizontal numbers. Also, you can notice that you are playing this type of bingo when there is no free space on the card and it has some special patterns like postage stamp (two-by-two area has to be covered to win) or blackout, also known as coverall (here you have to cover every single square). As for the regular and part of the special bingo games, they require only the use of the strategic squares for all number selections.

And the Strategic Squares…

Just to make it all clear we can go through meaning of strategic squares as well. As we have already mentioned there are 16 such squares and they are the first, third and fifth numbers on the first and last row on the card. On the second and fourth rows the strategic squares are the middle three ones. And at last, the third or the middle row, all four numbered squares are strategic ones.

Now that you are familiar with every detail you need to know about the bingo cards you can hit one of those online or live bingo halls and make the very best out of them. Good Luck!