Weirdest Bingo Prizes Ever Won!


We really wanted to share an special and different kind of article with our readers. We wanted something that will make them laugh and that they could share with their friends and family so we came up with a silly and fun idea: we recently asked some of our readers who have written to us at different times, to send us a note with the weirdest bingo prizes they have played for in a bingo event.

Why did we ask? Because believe it or not, there are weird/strange/original prizes out there. We have heard outstanding stories that involve playing the old time favorite Bingo that we know you will enjoy, and trust us, we were right, there are some really strange bingo prizes out there.

We received quite a handful of really weird bingo prizes that people have played for, won and some were actually proud of their winnings. Check some of them out:

Milking Cow

“I was invited to a private bingo event in a city next to the country side. The event was a glamorous and quite a chic party. We had to buy our three bingo cartons for $500 and expect amazing prizes. It was a charitable event, so the $500 were very well spent. And there we were, having quite a great time playing bingo, when the first winner was announced. I will never forget this moment. The winner was a woman in her twenties who said in the microphone that she was from New York City and it was clear she indeed was, because of her modern outfit. However, what this young and glamorous woman won was a cow that the MC assured a few times, was a milking cow. Like if that would be such an added value to the winner from New York. And now, this is no joke. Everyone saw the cow in a huge screen. The woman started laughing really loud as she left the stage and I never really knew what happened to her prize. (Mind you, the other prizes were huge flat screen tv’s, trips and your typical bingo prizes.)”

Sexy Prizes

“I still can’t get used to going to bingo events and finding out once I’m there, that the prizes are all sexy lingerie, vibrators, lubricants or any other sex related items. Haha! I mean, I’m a woman in her 70’s… These types of prizes are not for me.”

Mermaid Costume

“I am a forty year old male and I was once invited to a bingo event in a town close to where I live. It was actually a date. I was prepared to see a lot of older people and I was quite surprised to find out that besides the older crowd, there was actually a big younger crowd in the event. What I was never prepared for, was that one of the prizes was a very elaborated and realistic mermaid costume. Don’t misunderstand me, the costume was great. But really? A mermaid costume? Also, for some reason, the younger crowd I was telling you about were really hoping to get it. That was definitely weird.”

Mariachi Sombrero

“My husband and I once went to a high profile charity event in one of the hotels in our city. It was one of those really fancy and expensive galas. I’m trying to make this point very clear, because I never expected that my husband and most of the men of the event actually started fiercely playing for a mariachi sombrero. It became a very funny moment of the night, but I just couldn’t believe that the organization of the event could give as one of the prizes such a simple gift. (To make it clear, I have a Hispanic background, so I know that this sombrero was not a fancy one with a folkloric value.)