We Are Officially Smitten With These Bingo Bffs!


The acronym BFF should officially stand for Bingo Friends Forever!

Beverly Tinkler, 60, and Deborah Sturman, 50, are truly the embodiment of loyal and sharing friends!

These two bosom buddies have been best friends and have played bingo together for the last 35 years. As a truly adorable tradition, they have always consistently divided their wins with each other, but they never imagined that one of them was going to hit a mega jackpot of £50,000! To put things in perspective, that is almost $84,000!

Nevertheless, Beverly did not hesitate even for a second to split the winnings with her bestie!

The night started like any other Bingo night for this pair of buddies from the United Kingdom. They met up and headed to the event, which was actually kind of predestined to be a lucky one. As it turns out, the two friends had actually scored free tickets for the special new ‘Firecracker’ showcase event at the Halifax branch of the Mecca Bingo hall.

Both ladies knew that Beverly had a full house but they were completely unaware that the prize was so high! When they found out, they just lost their mind. When they interviewed Beverly, a retired mum from Siddal, she recounted her joyful experience: “We both screamed and Deborah was getting really excited.

The atmosphere was brilliant, people came to say congratulations and everyone was clapping and cheering. Saturday isn’t usually a big night for money, it seemed like a fluke and my family didn’t believe me when I told them.” The number that gave Beverly the win was the lucky 70, so maybe it is true what they say about seven being a bringer of luck.

Debora, a financial support worker from Liversedge, also had something to say about their wild night, which proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions for her: “I was shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards, I was so excited.” Obviously, she has great and important plans for the £25,000 that luck decided to place in her lap! Happily, she mentioned: “I plan to go on holiday, get a new phone and treat my nephews, but the money will also allow me to work part-time and complete my college course in Employment Law.”

Truly, the person that finds a friend finds a treasure, and as it turns out, that person can also bring you treasure too! I really loved this story because it highlights marvelously the beauty of sharing with your friends and sticking together through the times of need and those of prosperity as well! Do any of you have bingo buddies that go to events? Or maybe you meet in a house for coffee and play together at 123Bingo? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it while cherishing the good times and the fun that friends and Bingo can bring!