UK woman wins £250,000 playing Bingo

innerwin09082015A huge congratulations are in order to Mrs. Maclean of the United Kingdom. She just scooped up an impressive £250,000 playing Bingo. It happened on September 7th during the National Bingo game at Apollo Bingo in Rhyl, UK.

The UK Bingo player had been enjoying Bingo at the Apollo for about 5 years, but she’s been playing Bingo for more than half a century.

While the £250,000 is a big deal, perhaps an even bigger part of the story is that Mrs. Maclean has been playing for more than 25 years. At 44 years old, that means she has been playing Bingo since she was 19 years old.

While we subscribe to the 21-or-over rule at, we recognize that there are many jurisdictions around the world where you can play Bingo at just 18 or 19 years old. While this win didn’t happen online, it does highlight the point that Bingo players are skewing younger and younger.

Gone are the days when Bingo players are gray-haired senior citizens enjoying a weekly game in a community center gymnasium or a church basement. Today’s Bingo players are young, savvy, and cool, enjoying the game for the thrill it provides and the social interaction it offers to members of the community.

The advent of online Bingo certainly helps. Many people who have discovered online Bingo are now gravitating to the live Bingo version too. While some believe that live Bingo competes with online Bingo, we actually view the two as complementary to one another.

At, we offer the opportunity to play Bingo 24/7. While we admit that hitting a £250,000 online is a rarity, players online win more frequently than live, so if you’re all about being on a long winner’s list as opposed to having a small chance to be on a small list with a tiny handful of prizes, you’ll definitely love the online Bingo world.

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