TV Bingo: Cool things to put on your Bingo Card

innerbingotv15102015A lot of exciting news this week, but most of it has little to do with Bingo. But that doesn’t mean Bingo players can’t have fun with the news.

Did you know you can use current events to enhance your home Bingo game?

Instead of playing with cards that feature numbers, print out cards with current events. It could have to do with what you’re watching on TV and it could be anything: sports, politics, entertainment.

Whatever it is, we’ve got some ideas for your TV-themed Bingo cards, so pay attention.

1. The American League Championship Series

Jose Bautista Flips His Bat
You can’t check Twitter or Facebook without seeing photos or clips of Jose Bautista flipping his bat after last night’s legendary homerun that helped solidify a Toronto victory against the Texas Rangers. For the ALCS, which gets underway on Friday, consider dropping a square on your Bingo card that says ‘Bautista flips his bat’.

Commentators reference the 7th inning of the October 15th game
It’s sure to come up at least once. The 7th inning of the Toronto vs. Texas matchup was one for the record books. Full of emotional highs and lows for both teams, it was full of Texas errors and an odd run scored due to an accidentally hit bat while the ball was still in play. Toss a ‘7th inning mention’ square onto your Bingo board and you’re good to go.

2. The Democratic National Debates

Bernie Sanders mentions that he doesn’t answer to Super PACs
Most candidates in the US running to be leader of the Democrats or Republicans have big money behind them in the form of Super PACs. These are independent committees that support a specific candidate using anonymous money. They can’t contribute money directly, but they can run ads in support of a candidate. Bernie Sanders has bucked the trend, raising money from individual voters. He mentions that every chance he gets, so if you’re a fan of CNN, put this on your Bingo Card.

Hillary mentions her husband Bill
It doesn’t happen that often. Hillary wants to be seen as her own women (and rightly so as her accomplishments are impressive). So this could be a prized spot on a Bingo card if you ever hear Mrs. Clinton talk about Bill on TV.

3. The Voice

Blake Shelton gets in front of Adam Levine’s face
The country star loves to confront Adam Levine but standing up and talking smack in front of him. Sometimes it’s about Blake winning a pick. Other times it’s over something completely different. It’s all in good fun, but it happens enough to make a great spot on your Bingo card.

All four chairs turn around
Not all four chairs turn around all the time, so when it does happen, there’s good reason to celebrate. And it won’t be just the fans in the audience screaming. If you’ve got “all four chairs turn around” on your Bingo card. You’ll get closer to screaming Bingo very soon.

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